This was recently posted on social media by one of our VESPA Ambassadors. This is called the “Vespa High” . . . and this is simply how Humans are meant to feel and perform. 

This is because Vespa enhances fat metabolism NATURALLY!  As a natural catalyst Vespa works with your body’s physiology to tap into a higher level of fat metabolism, the virtually limitless energy source you are meant to use for aerobic exercise. 

A longer lasting High from Burning Fat

While fat adaptation appears to be a novel, even heretical approach to athletic performance, it is actually the energy source we have always meant to be harnessing for both our performance and our health. It is the one evolution shaped us for, but the one modern man has abandoned, that is until this discover came along with a band of Murder Hornets to resurrect your native physiology. 

That “Runner’s High” of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin Josam was obviously having? That was the byproduct of that stable, steady energy of fat metabolism. Glucose is NOT the principal energy source for physical activity. It is your ‘fight or flight’ energy source for those quick and immediate bursts needed for emergency situations, whereas fat is the aerobic fuel source of choice.

However, fat metabolism is so much more than simply energy production. Through the process of fat metabolism all the elements which compose your body are synthesized, retooled, stored, sidelined or even destroyed. So those feel good chemicals are simply a byproduct of that steady burn of fat as fuel. 

And guess what? There are now studies with solid data demonstrating humans are capable of metabolizing a LOT more fat and at performance level intensities than was previously thought possible. . . all brought to you by athletes who worked with me in their fat adapted journey and used Vespa in their training and racing. 

How to Expand and Extend Your Energy

The reality is fat metabolism is complex. It is a rubix cube of variables, and I am not going to dumb it down because that does not serve you nor me. However, once you understand and commit to the fat adapted journey it is quite doable and, long term, easily sustainable. Just ask any of our athletes. Once adapted they don’t consider they are on a specific diet, they have the desire to be physically active and they cease to consciously track metrics . . . what they do is LIVE fully because they are achieving peak health and performance across all parameters. 

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