Join the Metabolic Health Revolution!

Like the Marines, I am not looking for everyone. I am looking for the committed few...  Those who have experienced the transformational benefits of metabolic health achieved by Optimizing Fat Metabolism (OFM) and “get it”. 

By using Vespa, I had an epic run at Western States.This event solidified my conviction in the ‘fat as fuel’ approach and VESPA as a key tool to take fat metabolism to another level. This eventually led to me becoming the distributor for VESPA.

I knew I was on to something, in spite of the prevailing groupthink that carbs were the ONLY energy source for performance. I had no idea there was another side to enhancing fat metabolism until that epiphany moment came in 2008 and 2009 while working with 2013 IAU 24 Hour World Champion, Jon Olsen. Jon was struggling with serious GI issues, as well as the resulting energy ups and downs, both of which were causing him to drop from races he was winning. 

Your voice needs to be heard and your story told because your journey is both unique and universal. It is everyones’ individual journey back to the health we are meant to have, the one that metabolizes fat as our principal aerobic energy source.

Now it is your turn to join us in this grassroots movement on real world metabolic health. If you are active on social media or within your various ‘tribes’ at work, sport or social circles, I need your help because word of mouth through trusted individuals like YOU is our best vehicle to get this vital message of metabolic health out now! 

More so, as an Ambassador for VESPA and OFM you lead by example! Your relationship collateral, combined with your exemplifying the unparalleled benefits of fat adaptation, are powerful tools to help others overcome their fears and get on their own journey to higher health and peak performance.

In return for becoming an Ambassador, we are offering deep discounts on VESPA and OFM Coaching, as well as access to valuable content and webinars to empower you to take your health to a higher level and achieve peak performance in every aspect of life. 

I’ve been saying for years that we need a revolution, just not the sorts which are playing out... Join our health revolution today by clicking the link.