Vespa: Disruptive Innovation for Metabolic Health

Change, by definition, means doing something differently. Fundamental change means doing things radically different. 

While disruptive innovation is a commonly used term in technology, I am going to use it here for what we are doing with Metabolic Health.

VESPA is, by definition, a disruptive innovation.

So what characteristically defines this innovation and makes VESPA so innovative?  

Definition of Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation occurs when a new product/technology/science/service enters the market that is both fundamentally different, and better than existing products/technologies/science/services. 

  • If you are a boomer like me, think for a moment of how PC computing disrupted mainframe computers, the transistor replaced tubes, and cell phones have replaced landlines for personal use. 

  • If you are a millennial or Gen Xer the cycle of technology disruption is even faster, smartphones replaced flip phones and blackberrys, fortnight has replaced Super Mario and Electric and self-driving vehicles are poised to disrupt ICE powered automobiles.

These relatable examples can help you understand how Vespa’s approach to metabolic health is not only fundamentally different but also better. 

Vespa - Disruptive and Superior

Vespa is a natural catalyst that works with your metabolism to tap into your limitless energy of onboard body fat. 

Fat as Fuel

Consider for a moment how disruptive the concept of harnessing your onboard body fat is to the conventional approach of trying to absorb external calories, mostly in the form of concentrated carbohydrates and simple sugars. Tapping  into your limitless onboard energy, versus trying to cram down and digest hundreds of calories of (essentially) sugar. This is not only disruptive but represents a paradigm shift that has been demonstrated by science and in the real world by our Heroes.

All Natural

And in this day and age,  Vespa’s all natural ingredients, ingredients which the FDA classifies it as an acid food instead of a Dietary Supplement, is another radical departure from the norm of highly processed and synthesized supplements.

Fast Recovery (with an added benefit)

Vespa’s disruptiveness doesn’t end there. One of the most notable and most disruptive benefits of Vespa is the “recovery” . . . most people instantly note they ‘recover’ faster, however, this has little to do with actual recovery because, by tapping into a higher level of fat oxidation, Vespa prevents the oxidative stress damage you need to recover from. 

This completely shifts the focus of recovery from mitigation to prevention while adding priceless value to your health and performance. . . and it probably has something to do with why our athletes say they feel and perform like they are decades younger. 

How You Can Try It For Yourself

Vespa is an easy first step toward getting yourself on your fat adaptation journey, because you don’t have to change a thing to notice the benefits of using Vespa and tapping into your limitless onboard energy supply. No restrictive diet, no changes to your exercise routine, just steady natural energy, focus, strength and feeling fresh and ready to do more  the very next day.

Change doesn’t have to be difficult in respect to your health and performance because, with Vespa, you can actually implement real improvement in your metabolic health today. So, if you are ready for a change in your health and performance, and who isn’t after these past two years, grab a 12 pack of Vespa today.

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