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The Key To Your Best Performance is Learning To Burn Fat

The publication of the FASTER Study was a watershed moment in both sports physiology and metabolic health. The data from FASTER clearly showed humans are capable of burning a lot more fat and at much higher intensity levels than the science previous to FASTER suggested.Why is this important?FASTER forced researchers to reconsider the long held notion […]

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Myth Busting Your Appetite and Hunger Suppressing Diets

When you hear someone talking about how their Diet suppresses hunger, don’t believe them. That is right, do NOT believe them! It does not matter which diet is discussed – Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Plant based, humans have hunger triggers as part of our evolutionary heritage and biological hardwiring and for good reason.   Hunger […]

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Fat Metabolism – Your Key To Reverse Aging & Chronic Disease

In recent years there has been this huge interest in slowing or reversing the aging process with the likes of Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and Peter Attia being the internet Gurus people flock to.Long before these guys had any inkling about the benefits of carbohydrate restriction, I’d accidentally tripped onto these benefits for slowing the […]

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The First Step To Optimizing Your Fat Metabolism

January is a time of new beginnings and change. And with the past 2 years who isn’t ready for real change? So in today’s vlog, I want to bust the biggest myth of all about OFM, the one that prevents most people from making that fundamental shift to fat as fuel. Instead of the usual 30 […]

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Vespa: Disruptive Innovation for Metabolic Health

Change, by definition, means doing something differently. Fundamental change means doing things radically different. While disruptive innovation is a commonly used term in technology, I am going to use it here for what we are doing with Metabolic Health. VESPA is, by definition, a disruptive innovation.So what characteristically defines this innovation and makes VESPA so innovative? […]

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