In this podcast clip, Dr Linda talks about her recent Marathon and shows the advantage of being fat adapted and using Vespa for fueling, we discuss:

  • How Linda did her first “fasted marathon”, and how she went in the race and finished strong without the usual problems..
  • The benefits of eating nutrition-rich foods before a marathon rather than simply carb-loading.
  • How she only required 200 calories during the race because of Vespa.
  • How Linda trusted her body to deliver during the marathon because of her fat adapted metabolic state

This podcast clip provides valuable insights into how to train for a marathon and the benefits of tapping into your own limitless energy using Vespa. If you are looking to improve your health and performance or want assistance with the ultimate fueling and training strategy speak with our team on how to get some 1-2-1 assistance - click here to book a call. No matter what you choose you cannot lose!

To hear the full podcast with Dr. Linda click here

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