The Importance of Ketosis and Fat Burning for Longevity and Immune Health

In a recent podcast with Jeff Browning, we discussed the benefits of ketosis and fat burning for longevity and immune health.

This video highlights the importance of being in a state of ketosis and fat burning for both longevity and immune health. By avoiding a diet high in sugar and processed foods, and maintaining good levels of vitamins and minerals, individuals can maintain good health and reduce their risk of chronic diseases and viral infections.

In the video above we discuss these details:

Ketosis and Fat Burning in Reversing Chronic Disease

Being in a state of beta oxidation, which is the true fat burning state, leads to less oxIdative stress, less lactate load, and more efficient processing of cholesterol, which is the building block for our entire cells.Ketones are the proxy. Therefore, being in a state of ketosis can have a significant impact on preventing and reversing chronic diseases.

How Fat Adaptation Prevents Viruses

We discussed how being a fat burner can prevent common colds and influenza. Viral strands replicate glycolytically, which means that cells have to be metabolizing glucose for viral replication. Therefore, if the body is burning fat instead of sugar, it is less likely to be impacted by viral replication. Jeff talked about going low carb and high protein during times of high training loads and how this helps when there is a viral infection going around, because the virus cannot replicate as easily due to the lack of glucose to feed on.

Vitamin D and Your Health

It is important to keep vitamin D levels up to maintain good immune health, especially during the winter months when there is less sun exposure. Vitamin D is essential for the body's immune system to function properly, and deficiencies in vitamin D can lead to an increased risk of viral infections. Taking a vitamin D supplement and spending time in the sun when possible to maintain optimal vitamin D levels is super beneficial for your overall health.