Anything great starts with a strong foundation. Problem is in today’s virtual and instant gratification filled world, we skip to the quick solution and end point rather than do the hard work of building a foundation. Add to this that, generally, foundations are not seen. Foundations are not the bling nor the sizzle but the hours of work to achieve a foundational springboard . . . 

How Good is Your Foundation?

For instance, when you look at a prospective house to purchase most people don’t look at the foundation. No, it’s the drive up appeal, the kitchen, great room. master bed & bath rooms and don’t forget Location, Location, Location but, ask yourself, don’t you want a house built on a solid and lasting foundation?  

And so it goes with your health . . . we are shown the end point, the bling and the sizzle, the front end stuff people can see and be sold on - for example - diet and exercise related topics.  However the journey to true health begins at the unseen metabolic level. Problem is most people simply don’t have the skill set to assess and build the metabolic foundation which leads to performance in every aspect of life. 

How to understand your Metabolic Health

Metabolic Health occurs on a cellular level and is where we come in. We are the pioneers in performance level fat metabolism. We not only pioneered this area of performance but continue to drive the innovation of optimizing fat metabolism, by applying the science of evolutionary biology to yield real world results then supporting the experience with data….the kind of data nobody’s seen before. 

You see, you can have your training or diet written up by the biggest names out there, or even have concierge medicine services from an online influencer physician like Peter Attia, but if you don’t have the foundational metabolic health, the one where your body metabolizes fat as it’s aerobic energy source, you simply don’t have the robust foundation to leverage off of. This is our wheelhouse as we’ve helped thousands experience the long term benefits of optimizing fat metabolism.

Why Optimizing Your Fat Metabolism (OFM) is Important:

OFM is vital because it:

  • Can reverse and/or prevent chronic disease(s) - read more here
  • Slowing Aging process to a crawl - read more here
  • Allow you to reach your performance potential - read more here
  • Prevent injury - read more here
  • Prepare you to tackle the stressors of daily life
  • Makes you “Blood Sugar Stable” so you can focus and execute without loss of coordination or focus - read more here

Innovation that is grounded in Biology

What is vital to realize is true innovation almost always comes from outside the confines of conventional science and is disruptive by nature. This makes it intimidating because it challenges what we “know” or think we know.  Most so-called innovations are incremental, like a new formulation of an energy gel. Familiar yet different but not foreign. Incremental change is an easy sell. 

Fundamental change is a hard sell during the initial phases of early adoption. Since 2000 we’ve dedicated ourselves to the simple yet fundamentally different concept of “Fat as fuel”, a concept that was not just foreign to the conventional carbohydrate centric wisdom but heretical. We have nurtured our athletes to becoming champions on this concept which has led to studies, which have corroborated the idea that fat metabolism has a much larger role in human health and performance than previously thought. 

The implications of optimizing your fat metabolism are life-changing and based solidly in evolutionary biology, but they exist outside the conventional sphere of academic research and, as importantly, conflict with who is funding that research. 

Think about that. . . and when you are ready start doing your own research by grabbing one of the FREE ebooks we have available to help you reach your potential for higher health & peak performance.  Just click on the image to get your download.

Guide to eliminating bonking, gi distress and long recovery
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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

  • Feel Younger
  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
  • Reach Your Natural Weight