How to Improve Training Effect and Reduce Recovery Time

As I illustrated in “My 7 Recovery Tips” vlog, when you minimize or eliminate the oxidative stress and lactate load of burning a lot of glucose, i.e. sugar, you PREVENT THE DAMAGE which occurs on a cellular level.

training effect - carbs versus burning fat

THE DAMAGE which occurs on a cellular level. This minimizes the need to “recover” from said damage. But there is another HUGE benefit to minimizing this damage: Your cells can place a much greater focus on adapting to the stress of training and competition.

The common term is “Training Effect” but the more appropriate biological terms are “supercompensation” or “hormesis”. This is how you become stronger, fitter, faster and more robust. Training and competing are the signals your cells need to up their metabolic capacity with diet via your GI tract, biome, and liver providing the vital nutritional elements, this cannot happen if you are consuming a ton of processed foods.

Why Your Fat Metabolism Is Key to Optimizing Your Training Effect

Optimizing fat metabolism fundamentally shifts this balance in favor of optimizing Training Effect pure and simple. Not only is the damage prevented but the elements are provided in nutrition and metabolic pathways for your cells to thrive.

This is the upward cascade of benefits found when you build your Metabolic Capacity by optimizing your fat metabolism; increased focus on supercompensation rather than recovering from damage. Ironically, this IS your native physiology. The one you are genetically programmed to have by Nature. 

So, if you are experiencing a lot of muscle soreness, fatigue and delays in getting back to higher level training now you know what the real focus of training should be and how to shift the balance from recovering from damage to maximizing training effect. 

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