Fat as Fuel – Understanding How Cholesterol Really Works

The fundamental shift to “Fat as fuel” provided by Vespa’s OFM protocol makes for an equally fundamental shift in physiology. In so many metrics of health and performance Vespa/OFM athletes simply do not fall into the normal parameters. One particular area is Cholesterol / Lipids. Because Cholesterol is a form of  FAT and is the […]

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Results Driven, Nature Based, Science Backed

Are YOU wanting RESULTS or are you waiting for the Science? In the end, results matter and why OFM is the de facto leader in fat-adapted performance. OFM even “leads the science” by pioneering fat adapted performance long before it became published science. In fact, OFM Athletes made up the LCD Cohort in the ground-breaking […]

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The OFM Pyramid

The OFM Pyramid (Optimized Fat Metabolism) is a tool, so the athlete can understand the complex, highly inter-related aspects of the OFM Program in an intuitive way. This allows each athlete to create their own personalized OFM program around their individual needs and situation, rather than force them into a “one size fits all” program. […]

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What is OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism)?

OFM stands for Optimized Fat Metabolism . OFM essentially resets the body back to burning “fat as fuel” for most of the aerobic spectrum, because your body prefers to metabolize fat at high aerobic rates, rates much higher than the current science says is possible, but consistent with the emerging science on fat adaptation. Once an athlete is adapted, OFM actually enhances strategic […]

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