On Friday, October 25, 2019, this poster was exhibited at the ACSM SW Regional Conference in Huntington Beach, California, the first publicly published data on Vespa. Not only did Vespa significantly increase fat oxidation but also increased VO2Max and Ventilatory Threshhold! While this data set is actually from a  Pilot Study by Dr. Derek Marks PhD the stunning results have led to a formal double blind placebo controlled study for journal publication which will begin in December 2019. 

If you are a Vespa user you don’t need data to tell you Vespa works, but now there is emerging data which corroborates what Vespa users experience; steady energy, a sharply diminished need for external calories, elimination of the dreaded ‘bonk’, sharp mental focus/coordination and the ability to recover without soreness the next day. 

Let’s take a closer look:

Fat Oxidation Rate

Why is Fat Metabolism important to you?

  • Any shift to increase fat oxidation will have a significant increase in health & performance.

  • Cellular damage prevention; Any increase in fat oxidation reduces the oxidative stress and lactate load caused by burning carbs. People experience, think and see this as improved recovery when it is really more about a dramatic reduction in damage. Coincidentally, this is one of the benefits of Vespa many athletes notice right away.

  • Glycogen sparing effect by shifting from your ‘Fight or flight’ energy source to your virtually limitless energy source from the aerobic spectrum of physical activity.

  • Eliminate the dreaded ‘bonk’ of low blood sugar. 

  • Dramatically reduced the need for calorie intake during exercise to avoid the ‘bonk’.

  • Reduced risk of GI issues stemming from calorie intake during exercise.

As you can see from Table 2 highlighted below in the pilot study each subject saw a significant increase in their fat oxidation rate when testing using the Vespa supplement (the Pilot Study utilized a blind placebo controlled methodology so the subjects did NOT know whether they were taking the Vespa or the placebo on each test).

VO2 Max and what it means for you

VO2 is the maximal volume of oxygen uptake or maximum aerobic capacity.  Anytime you can increase your VO2 capacity you will improve your performance. This will also increase your fat oxidation which increases all the benefits I outline above. 

Ventilatory Threshhold

Two of the three subjects also saw an increase in their ventilatory threshold (VT). The subject that did not see an increase in VT was, according to the data, the aerobically fittest of the subjects tested and a high caliber mountain biker. This suggests Vespa can really help athletes who are not able to train up to their peak aerobic condition, which would be most of us who have ‘day jobs’, families and other ‘lifeload’ factors which make optimal training challenging.

In the Table 1 the data clearly demonstrates:

  1. A significant boost in VO2Max using Vespa

  2. A significant boost in VT for athletes who are not in optimal aerobic condition

The ‘Take-home’?

Are you going to wait another year for publication of the study to enjoy the immediate benefits Vespa provides and get YOU started on YOUR fat adapted journey?  

Combined with over 2 decades of real-world results by Vespa athletes this emerging data further demonstrates the paradigm-shift Vespa and it’s OFM program are all about; Fat really is YOUR fuel! . . . 

Get over to vespapower.com, grab your Vespa and get started so you can get real health & performance benefits today without changing anything else just by using Vespa, however, if you are looking for more, take a peek at ofm.io or download the Beyond Keto ebook to learn more about performance based fat adaptation.  

Get Your Copy of the Pilot Data

If you want a copy of the Pilot Data, leave your name and email below and you will get sent the PDF of the Pilot Data Poster presented at the ACSM SW Regional Conference. 

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