Cell health and Mitochondria – every athlete needs to know this!

Today we are taking a deeper dive into the underlying physiology (Mitochondria) and why optimizing your fat metabolism has profound implications for your athletic performance AND health.  Additionally this has implications on aging and actually reverse the aging process.

The key is Mitochondrial Health.

Why is Mitochondria so important for you as an athlete?

These literally are little power generating units that are inside of your cells.  They vary in quantity and size depending on the type of cells - ie - red blood cells have no Mitochondria but your liver contains thousands of them packed into each cell.

It’s the mitochondria that generate energy in the Krebs cycle to power your performance and so much more.

How Fat Adaptation yields more energy

Fat-adaptation via OFM creates the environment to produce more mitochondria which in turn gives you more energy. The term is ‘mitochondrial biogenesis’. Not only does this increase the capacity to develop more energy but it happens to be the best defence against the aging process and getting chronic diseases and illnesses.

Using “Beta Oxidation”, as main principal energy supply pathway, which Mitochondria happen to  love, you are also providing the metabolism and building blocks of nutrition that generate and maintain healthy Mitochondria. Oxidative stress and lactate load are dramatically reduced thus preventing damage. This is one of the key OFM Paradigm Shifts. 

How Carbs, Sugar and Glucose affect your Mitochondria

Carbs and sugar create a lot of oxidative stress and lactate load, which, in turn, stress mitochondria. Add to this concentrated carbohydrates contain no real nutrition to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis so, over time, you get ‘burned out’. This ‘burn out’ extends all the way to your Mitochondria.

The result is it impacts you at a cellular level - it literally affects the quantity, quality and size of your Mitochondria. While the body is amazing in it’s capacity to recovery and regenerate why would anyone want to go this route and risk some of debilitating diseases now being linked to mitochondrial health?

So the summary of this is

Optimizing Fat Metabolism will give you the foundation to create the environment for robust Mitochondria and mitochondrial biogenesis.

This will enable you to:

  • Extract untold energy from fat at the levels humans are really meant to
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Build healthier cells
  • Slow and/or reverse down the aging process
  • Perform and achieve optimal health

The best place to start on this journey

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