We never evolved to count our calories or our macros, and fat adaptation was not a concept, it was the natural state of our bodies.

In this article I want to talk about the real way to view food for optimal performance and health, and why I created the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) Program.

OFM is a program for the rest of us - real people living real, complicated and ‘Less than Perfect’ lives.  It is based on YOU as an individual to help you get back to the physiological state of metabolizing fat as your primary energy source.  Not only energy but benefits to improve your overall health because your nutrition is delivered through fat metabolism.

Cutting through the Sports Nutrition and Diet Nutrition Minefield

We’ve witnessed the recent explosion of various health “gurus” promoting Paleo, Keto, Plant-based diets and a myriad of other offerings. Metrics often drive these diets….

All of these solutions are “man made” solutions that have strayed from our natural physiology.

We never evolved to calculate our macros or count calories.  We are stressing too much about the little details, food is meant to be eaten and enjoyed.  You are meant to eat, live, exercise - not have to bonk or be sore for days - and that is what makes OFM unique.

Fat Adaptation is about you​ as an individual

The OFM program is about teaching and training you as an individual to understand your own personal physiology and to know intuitively what your body needs to reach your health and performance potential. OFM adapts  to your sport, genetics and lifestyle in ‘doable’ ways for you rather than ‘shoehorn’ you into a program you have to adapt to all while calculating, counting and stressing about your food source.

Article - Fat Adaptation is not about macros or calories

Chronic stress has as large a physiological impact on your fat adaptation and health as too many concentrated carbohydrates so the chronic stress of diet, training, counting, calculating need addressing every bit as much as the diet. 

OFM looks at how you live your life and incorporates guidance and strategies that work for you! 

Benefits of Fat Adaptation

When you become fat adapted the benefits become self evident.  The changes are transformative. Here are a just a few things that you will see:

  • Eliminate the ups & downs in energy and avoid the dreaded ‘bonk’
  • Reduce recovery time minimizing damage from oxidative stress and lactate load
  • Improve mental and emotional focus and stability
  • Improve body composition with weight loss often a result
  • Identify underlying issues which could be hampering your health & performance goals
  • Seamless transition to a lifestyle you can sustain without thinking about it

For more information about becoming Fat Adapted download the Beyond Keto book available in the sidebar or check out our coaching offerings here.

To find out how Vespa can help you with your Fat Metabolism click here.

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

  • Feel Younger
  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
  • Reach Your Natural Weight