Today’s vlog is a physiology/metabolism lesson; just a simple, non-debated fact of RNA biology which is critical to know to empower YOU to move forward through this current mess. But first, let’s frame the discussion with some context:

Lack of Information Leads to Doubt and Fear

Throughout this messy and evolving situation we have found ourselves in, I have tried my best to produce content grounded in solid science, with actionable strategies to help you navigate this “panic-demic.” This means speaking out and saying what I think, being open to being wrong and having the willingness to adjust when new facts present themselves, rather than remaining entrenched in a particular dogma or silent to avoid controversy.

Progress, by definition, is never the safe move, and as our current situation evolves, we are finding there are risks no matter what we do or don’t do. That is life.

The way to move forward is to take calculated risks using the best information available and take the necessary steps to mitigate the risk factors based upon the information we have before we execute. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information out there, most of which is obscure, politicized, oversimplified or way too complicated for the average person to interpret. Instead, we rely on the convenience of “soundbite science” from authority figures. 

As this situation has evolved, however, this “soundbite science” has become vacuous and leaves our subconscious lacking in doubt, because it “knows” it is not explaining what is unfolding.  Without knowledge and understanding, we are left in fear and easy to manipulate. 

The One Biological Fact about RNA Viral Replication

To me, this is just biology, so here is one biological fact that can serve as the foundation of knowledge for you to start to manage and minimize risk. RNA viral replication happens glycolytically.

What that means is viruses replicate using glucose, also known as sugar, as the energy source. If your cells are hormonally and enzymatically programmed to burn glucose, such as those on a high carbohydrate diet typical of many health conscious and active individuals, your cells are aiding and abetting viral replication, whereas if your cells are primed to harness fat via beta-oxidation, they are a much less hospitable environment for viral replication. 

The Science Behind This

This simple fact makes clear the case for optimizing fat metabolism as an executable strategy to dramatically lower your risk profile for a viral infection of any kind. There is ample science emerging to suggest this, like this paper: “Cholesterol, inflammation, and phospholipids: COVID-19 share traits with cardiovascular disease”

“As metabolites from tricarboxylic acid cycle are also reduced, SARS-CoV-2 hijacks the energy metabolism of the host not only by limiting blood oxygen through declining of lung functions, but also by interfering in the oxidation pathways.”

What this means is less oxygen, less beta-oxidation, less fat metabolism to favor glucose metabolism.

“At this point, it can be hypothesized that the metabolic state of the subject, before infection by SARS-CoV-2, plays a crucial role in the development of COVID-19 and the survival of the individual.”

The implications of this statement are HUGE.  This is precisely what I have been saying since the beginning of this mess in 2020, and my hypothesis of focusing on developing metabolic fitness as the foundation for physical fitness and performance since that epiphany moment of bonking during my first marathon back in 2000! 

Your Food Is Your Medicine

 “In this context, the sentence from Hypocrates, ‘Let be thy food be your medicine and thy medicine be your food,’ seems to be more accurate than ever.”

This is the final sentence of the paper and, while important, dietary changes are simply not enough. Diet is a tool, but it should not be the simple center and focus of metabolic change. Having pioneered fat adapted performance for over 20 years, I can say with experience that fat adaptation is far more multi-facetted, complex and individualized than those expert soundbites make it sound.

Empower yourself to reach your potential

By using the science of evolutionary biology as a foundation, my team and I have developed a number of protocols, using natural products like Vespa, to get thousands of people back to burning fat as fuel, the way nature intended. 

Begin to empower yourself with this one undisputed fact to guide you: RNA hijacks your cells’ metabolic machinery to replicate via glucose metabolism, while healthy cells and their mitochondria prefer to burn fat. 

Then, download our ebook “Beyond Keto” to further empower yourself to reach your health and performance potential and achieve metabolic freedom.

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