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Strategic Carbs during Competitions and Training

Strategic carbs during Races and High training loads A key aspect to understand is that Insulin remains dormant during exercise. This means that there is no insulin response to ingested carbohydrate so it therefore does not inhibit fat oxidation. OFM still recommends A minimum time frame of 40 – 60mins of activity in order to ensure that the pancreas does […]

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Ph 1 Strategic Carbohydrate – How to do Restriction:

Strategic Carbohydrate – Restriction: How: When following the Metabolic Reset concentrated carbohydrates should be completely restricted for the first 7-14 days Scale back or minimize exercise during the first 7-14 days to avoid added physiological stress. Allowing the beta-oxidation Metabolic Pathways (Fatty Acid Metabolic Pathways) to upregulate and enhance the bodies ability to use Fat […]

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How Strategic Carbs Optimize Fat Metabolism

In the previous post, (How & Why OFM Actually Enhances Carbohydrate Metabolism), I dove into why optimizing fat metabolism enhances carbohydrate utilization, but guess what! It goes the other way too! Carbs & sugars, used strategically, can actually improve your fat metabolism. Used chronically, however, in the way the conventional sports nutrition world recommends carbs, has […]

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The missing piece to get you Beyond Keto – Strategic Carbs

Strategic Carbs are the final tier of the OFM Pyramid (OFM=Optimized Fat Metabolism) before putting it all together into your individualized OFM Performance and Health Matrix.  What are Strategic Carbohydrates?The term Strategic Carbohydrates was a term that I coined in 2008 when we had already been working with athletes for years (I had been personally […]

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[Article] Keto + Carbs = Fat-Adapted PERFORMANCE! - How is this possible?

Keto + Carbs = Fat-Adapted PERFORMANCE! – How is this possible?

So being Fat Adapted means that carbohydrates are ok? Yep, it’s by Optimizing YOUR  Fat Metabolism! Covered topics: Dispelling  the Binary thinking being marketed to You; ‘keto’ vs. ‘hi-carb’Understanding how your Carb Threshold worksHigh Performance Tip – Build up Your Carb ThresholdYOU!, the Fat Adapted athlete, are a completely different animal compared to the hardcore keto or […]

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OFM: The Alternative to Keto vs Carbs

There is no one size fits all when it comes to reaching your highest performance potential. OFM (optimized fat metabolism)  is an individualized pathway to get you back to burning fat as your aerobic energy source.Why is this important? Because, what OFM athletes experience is not only improved performance but less damage! This results in feeling […]

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Carbohydrate Confidential – Free Guide

It’s what YOU haven’t been told that really matters!This e-book reveals the inevitable dead-end of modern high-carbohydrate ‘nutrition’ for sport arrow-down In this guide you will learn: Why using lots of carbs is not the best source of energy for your performance or health and the real long-term consequences from a high-carb diet.  How you […]

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