OFM: The Alternative to Keto vs Carbs

There is no one size fits all when it comes to reaching your highest performance potential. OFM (optimized fat metabolism)  is an individualized pathway to get you back to burning fat as your aerobic energy source.

Why is this important?

Because, what OFM athletes experience is not only improved performance but less damage! This results in feeling and performing better in training & racing, with a recovery which has to be experienced to believe!

Many mistake OFM for Keto, but we are not deep or hardcore keto, OFM uses Keto as a tool.  OFM actually incorporates a strategic use of carbohydrates, which allows carbohydrates to have a much bigger energy impact,  while using less without impacting your fat based physiology.

Using OFM will give you :

  • Sustainable Glycogen storages (no bonking!)
  • Sustainable high performance to be at your best in athletic performance and Life!
  • Have that explosive power when you need it for such sports like OCR or Crossfit.

OFM was developed to support Vespa users.  Vespa, like Keto, are key tools that we utilize to optimize your physiology for performance and overall health.  We combine a ketogenic diet, strategic carbs, Vespa and other facets of the OFM Pyramid in an individualized OFM Matrix to achieve fat based performance.

And why is this so different to other strategies?

Because YOU are an individual and not a commodity!

By individualizing OFM to your needs you are able to reach your health & performance potential,  rather than marginal gains that are often not sustainable long term.  OFM is for your unique YOU!

That is why we have assembled an individualized coaching program, so you can tap into the pioneering experience of our coaches, find the right balance of your individualized diet, supplementation and training to reach your performance potential.

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