Emerging data on Vespa – let the numbers speak

On Friday, October 25, 2019, this poster was exhibited at the ACSM SW Regional Conference in Huntington Beach, California, the first publicly published data on Vespa. Not only did Vespa significantly increase fat oxidation but also increased VO2Max and Ventilatory Threshhold! While this data set is actually from a  Pilot Study by Dr. Derek Marks […]

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The Focal Point of Fat Adaptation

Due to all the well-intended ‘information’ out there on that information autobahn that is the internet our thinking has become obsessively focused on external calories and we completely  miss one of the most important points about fat adaptation.   Fat Adaptation, done properly, taps into the tens of thousands of onboard calories YOU have onboard […]

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[Article] - Fat Adaptation is not about macros or calories

Fat Adaptation is not about macros or calories

We never evolved to count our calories or our macros, and fat adaptation was not a concept, it was the natural state of our bodies. In this article I want to talk about the real way to view food for optimal performance and health, and why I created the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) Program. OFM is […]

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[Article] Cell health and Mitochondria - every athlete needs to know this!

Cell health and Mitochondria – every athlete needs to know this!

Today we are taking a deeper dive into the underlying physiology (Mitochondria) and why optimizing your fat metabolism has profound implications for your athletic performance AND health.  Additionally this has implications on aging and actually reverse the aging process. The key is Mitochondrial Health. Why is Mitochondria so important for you as an athlete?These literally are […]

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[Article] Keto + Carbs = Fat-Adapted PERFORMANCE! - How is this possible?

Keto + Carbs = Fat-Adapted PERFORMANCE! – How is this possible?

So being Fat Adapted means that carbohydrates are ok? Yep, it’s by Optimizing YOUR  Fat Metabolism! Covered topics: Dispelling  the Binary thinking being marketed to You; ‘keto’ vs. ‘hi-carb’Understanding how your Carb Threshold worksHigh Performance Tip – Build up Your Carb ThresholdYOU!, the Fat Adapted athlete, are a completely different animal compared to the hardcore keto or […]

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Removing the Stress out of Carb Counting | Fat Adaptation

In today’s video I’m going to talk about how to count carbs without going crazy.  OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) makes carb counting sustainable and doable for you. With the strictness of the Keto diet, counting every gram of carbohydrate creates stress which is actually counter-productive to what you want to achieve.   So how do we make […]

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The missing piece to get you Beyond Keto – Strategic Carbs

Strategic Carbs are the final tier of the OFM Pyramid (OFM=Optimized Fat Metabolism) before putting it all together into your individualized OFM Performance and Health Matrix.  What are Strategic Carbohydrates?The term Strategic Carbohydrates was a term that I coined in 2008 when we had already been working with athletes for years (I had been personally […]

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