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Institutionalized Disease and Your Metabolic Health

This latest concept of ‘Institutionalized Disease’ that I want to share with you was brought to the fore by COVID, however this concept is much larger than COVID, and it is VERY important we start to think beyond the institutional thinking we have come to accept as ‘normal’ .   What we view as normal […]

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OFM gets YOU ‘ahead of the curve’

I’m warning you ahead of time, this is a deep dive into the emerging science of COVID-19 with strategies to empower you to ‘eliminate the curve’ for you, your family and those around you.  Table of Contents How to Get “Ahead of the Curve”Dot 1: What’s the OFM / COVID connection?What’s the connection and WHY […]

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Fear and why you need to understand the WHY not just the HOW

Before we dive down anymore science-based rabbit holes it’s important I address another very real factor you aren’t going to see in a published paper: One of the defining themes of the COVID-19 Panic-demic is uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds fear and fear triggers the ‘Fight or Flight’ mechanism. This not only shifts our metabolism to burn […]

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From Covid Fear to Metabolic Empowerment

Earlier this week California Governor Gavin Newsam held a press conference about the CoVid-19 situation in the state.  What struck me was that he made this defining statement: “Until there is a vaccine or treatment,” he was going to impose these draconian measures of closing businesses like restaurants, restricting movement, imposing fines for not wearing […]

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[Article] - Your Genetic Potential - the way forward through CoVid

Your Genetic Potential – the way forward through CoVid

Today I want to start by sharing a personal thought . . . and kind of ironic. I keep telling myself it’s time to quit these COVID-19 related videos. Honestly, I am not comfortable doing them and personally I am SO over the COVID-19 drama which this situation has devolved to. ….You probably feel the […]

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What can we do to be a Healthier Herd?

As you know I’ve been discussing  that we need to find a way forward and taking a lot of flak for it. Ironically, about a week ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) all but admitted containment is not an option and holding out for a vaccine, if one is developed, is not in the cards […]

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[VLOG] Finding Your Dynamic Balance During CoVid

Finding Your Dynamic Balance During CoVid

It’s time to start moving out of this ‘Limbo Phase’. In my last installment I put forth the idea that we need to start toward this on an individualized basis. There are a LOT of variables in play and it really is up to YOU to understand your variables and work out a strategy for […]

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[CoVid Update] The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

I want to continue our conversation on how to ‘convert retreat into advance’ as echoed from Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address during the Great Depression. We are living in similar fearful times and have retreated in that fear. We have been told to ‘shelter in place’ and while isolation for the past month has been needed […]

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