With COVID’s winter surge, the vaccine cavalries of Moderna, Pfizer, Astra/Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, etc. are riding to the rescue! And yes, this messenger RNA (mRNA) technology used in the Pizer and Moderna vaccines looks promising and efficacious based on the preliminary results of human trials, however, what is actually happening lies in the ‘Murky Middle’. 

While it is being suppressed or termed as normal, the commonality of an adverse reaction to the 2nd shot of the mRNA vaccine is now established. Within these reactions, there are over a 1000 deaths in the US occurring soon after receiving the vaccine. While this is not statistically significant, tell this to the families and loved ones of the people who have passed. 

Johnson & Johnson has gotten approval for its vaccine. This is a single shot vaccine which does not require special ultra-cold storage and is based upon the AdVac adenovirus technology

Vaccines are not the total solution

The key here is to understand the vaccines are not a panacea for COVID-19. We want them to be just like anticipation on a first date with someone you are more than interested in... the PERFECT solution to your longing. How often does that happen? Even if he/she becomes the love of your life, we all soon learn the shortcomings. The point is, it’s no different here. 

What the vaccines ARE are promising tools to mitigate COVID-19. Used properly and in conjunction with ALL the other doable and acceptable tools we have at our disposal, the vaccines can sharply attenuate this virus’s virulence to where we can get it under control with a lot less people dying and/or having a poor outcome. In effect, vaccines/vaccinations are a fast-track pathway to Herd Immunity. The problem lies in our hopes and expectations for these vaccines. The current vaccine candidates rushing at ‘Warp Speed’ to approval & distribution are not able to confer ’Sterilizing Immunity’ to SARS COVID-19 but do provide ‘Disease Immunity’.

Not over-interpreting Covid Vaccine results

Once again, we find ourselves in the ‘Murky Middle’ instead of the binary fringes. Politicians, the media and our collective hope has been placed in vaccination as a convenient cure to COVID-19. Even the Chief Medical Officer at Moderna, Tal Zaks,  cryptically walks the high wire of praising the development and promise of these mRNA vaccines with the reality of where they fit into the mitigation strategies for thwarting CVOID-19:

“Moderna Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks warns on #AxiosOnHBO to not "over-interpret" vaccine results: "They do not show that they prevent you from potentially carrying this virus...and infecting others."

Adding, we shouldn't "change behaviors solely on the basis of vaccination."

So what does this mean? 

  • If infected, your odds of having a serious illness or even dying go exponentially down. Most likely, the antibodies produced by the mRNA will prevent the mass replication that is overwhelming people’s immune systems and you’ll recover. This is fantastic news!
  • There is a potential you can infect others.
  • The current thinking is these vaccines won’t confer long term immunity, thus requiring re-occurring immunization.
  • New variants of the virus appear to require vaccines specific to the variant.
  • We need to continue to use the other strategies in conjunction with vaccinations to prevent COVID-19 from becoming endemic (if this has not already occurred).

There is a VERY IMPORTANT CAVEAT regarding the science to date EVERYONE should know and understand. The trials did NOT include any subjects which had known underlying conditions like obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, chronic diseases, auto-immune diseases, etc. . . . the VERY groups of individuals the data strongly suggests are at the highest risk of a poor COVID-19 outcome!

The power is in your hands

Where does this leave us? And most importantly, where does this leave YOU?

It means we have at least several more months of mask wearing, social distancing, potential lockdowns, school closures and other modalities that are simply not sustainable and out of your control. 

The ONE thing YOU can control is optimizing your fat metabolism. It is sustainable, low cost, low tech and empowers YOU! Fat adaptation via OFM offers powerful protection from COVID and other viruses in addition to the long term health & performance benefits our Heroes enjoy.  In fact, not one of our Heroes has had a severe case of COVID! And while this is not science, this anecdotal group of OFM fat-adapted individuals has led to groundbreaking science. Immune system health is just one of the many benefits!

So, start taking control of your metabolic health and achieving your Metabolic Freedom today! Here are a couple of options we can offer: 

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