Today we have an inspiring conversation with Andrea Moore, who shares her transformative journey from overcoming childhood challenges to becoming a successful corporate banker then tossing the corporate finance to the wind to conquer an even bigger challenge by running 5 ultramarathons, each with a distance of over two hundred miles. Andrea's story is not just about sports; it's about overcoming personal hardships, redefining life goals, and pushing the boundaries of what's physically and mentally possible to get healthier and stronger in every way.

About Andrea Moore:

Andrea shares a glimpse into her personal life, including the challenges and triumphs of being a mother to three children and the support she receives from her dedicated crew and pacers during races. Andrea’s upbringing forged her into an achiever. Her career track evolved to her becoming a high-achieving private banker for JP Morgan Chase. Yet the traditional life of marriage, kids, and a career conquering the challenges of corporate finance left a void. After losing her mother to cancer, getting out of a bad marriage and starting over, Andrea transitioned from the bustling streets of downtown Dallas to the tranquil trails of Flagstaff, Arizona. This significant life change was spurred by her passion for running but also creating a lifestyle in pursuit of her happiness.

Episode Highlights:

Andrea's Running Evolution:

Andrea details her journey into the world of ultra trail running, highlighting her progression from casual running to competing in grueling 200+ mile races.

The Role of Community and Team:

Reflecting on the importance of support in endurance sports, Andrea credits her success to her crew, pacers, and the broader running community who have been instrumental in her journey.

Nutritional Strategies and Metabolic Health:

A significant part of Andrea's discussion revolves around her dietary approach, particularly how she has optimized her fat metabolism to enhance performance and recovery in ultra endurance races. Starting with her first two bites of steak after being a vegetarian to learning about Vespa and OFM, Andrea shares her nutritional evolution which will fuel her big, scary challenge.

Personal Growth and Resilience:

Andrea shares deeply personal aspects of her life, including the impact of her mother's death and how it prompted a reevaluation of her life's direction. Her story is a powerful testament to the strength required to make profound life changes.


Andrea Moore's story is a compelling narrative of personal growth, strength and resilience. But as Andrea acknowledges, she is not alone; community, friends, partners, crew and pacers all help support her relentless pursuit of one's passions no matter the odds. Whether you're an athlete, someone facing personal challenges, or simply in search of inspiration, Andrea’s journey offers valuable insights into the power of resilience and transformation. Stay tuned as we will be following up with Andrea during her quest.

Join us next time on the OFM podcast, where we continue to explore the interconnections of health, happiness, and personal fulfillment through the lenses of our remarkable guests.

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