As athletes, I don’t need to convince you ‘Normal’ is pretty pathetic when it comes to health, performance and longevity. You don’t want to be ‘Normal’. You want to be better than ‘Normal’. This is part of today’s exercise in overcoming our subconscious mental hurdles. 

If you are a fat adapted athlete, I want you to start thinking of yourself as NORMAL, not special, not as an Ultrarunner, Ironman, Crossfitter, etcerta, because you actually ARE what NORMAL should be which goes back to my 3 constants of Human Health & Performance

However, for the sake of humanity, it's time to take the beachhead, take no prisoners approach to establish our ‘New Normal’ of Metabolic Health instead of the one we are living.

Why am I framing it this way? Simple... all you have to do is pay attention to the current ‘New Normal’ being implemented at this very moment with policies, masks, lockdowns and vaccines. All of these were initially being rolled out as short term effective solutions, then subtly transformed into the new normal, or what I call ‘Institutionalized Disease’. 

How “The Science” is being weaponized

Observe how most people quietly accept what is occurring while others act out. See how the word ‘Science’ has been weaponized to coerce people into believing COVID-19 is ubiquitously deadly.  It also requires population wide vaccination when the data clearly identifies those groups who are most at risk, and without any discussion or research into understanding why, more than 40% of the infected are clinically asymptomatic.

Then there are the ever more warped proposals for the future like first world countries need to be eating synthetic meat. When you connect the dots, it's kind of obvious what is occurring is not going to end well. 

True Normal VS New Normal

We are living in this current ‘Myth of Normal’ that is actually taking us further from the normal that evolution shaped us for; an evolutionary normal which made us have: 

  1.  Stable, strong & robust strength, stamina, mental, emotional or immune system functions.
  2.  A metabolism which burns fat as the primary aerobic energy source.
  3.  The ability to think, reason and create so we can problem solve rather than react.

Instead, what do we have as ‘normal’:

  1. Chronic Diseases of modern man 
    • An epidemic of obesity & diabetes 
    • Heart disease
    • Cancer
  2. Concentration of Wealth & systemic impoverishment of the individual’s health & material wealth rather than the creation of Health Wealth which, in turn, doesn’t bankrupt us of material wealth. (I discuss this in my ‘Institutionalized Diseases’ vlog.)
  3. Political, Cultural and Technological divides which have systematically; 
    • Eliminated open discourse, objectivity and curiosity
    • Commoditized the Individual to offer commodity products or services we  think we ‘need’.
    • Through ‘a’ & ‘b’ create an environment of binary, reactive thought patterns which have supplanted thought, analysis, logic and reasoning. This then allows us to be manipulated and preyed upon to do what is intended whether it is to click the buy or subscribe button, vote, riot or assume anyone without a mask is a superspreader, all while making us think we are logical, rational, healthy and, most of all, right.

In short, the ‘Human Construct’ commoditizes and monetizes the ‘Individual’ into the ‘Consumer’ by stealing your decision making power through reactive soundbite media. Think ‘Pavlov’s Dog’...

On the other hand, if you are a fat adapted athlete following the basic principles of OFM , YOU are the NEW normal. I realize this is a huge mental hurdle in and of itself because athletes naturally desire to be better than normal. This is normal too because biology has programmed us to want to compete and be better as a species. 

We Need A Revolution

YOU are the standard bearer for NORMAL in terms of health, performance, longevity and resiliency. Do nothing more than be the INDIVIDUAL you are, for this is the robust NORMAL health the Human Race deserves and is not getting. We need to fight for it because, as any OFM Athlete will tell you, OFM is their new normal. 

Whether you are a fat adapted athlete or not, taking the time to watch a vlog like this, which violates the internet 3 minute rule, is an act of insurrection. As I have been saying, “We need a revolution, just not the ones being played out…” 

The revolution starts with you by reclaiming your metabolic health through optimizing your fat metabolism.

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

  • Feel Younger
  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
  • Reach Your Natural Weight