I want to begin this vlog with something I often say to my Type A athletes, “Look how far you’ve come, not just how far you want to go.”  We actually have come a long way from the initial uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. To the relief of many, the vaccination program is underway, and it appears we are over the winter surge.

But, most importantly, the data has been consistently building to show COVID-19 is not nearly as deadly and random as initially predicted. When you take a deeper dive into the data, what actually emerges relates directly to metabolism: 

  • First: The population testing data since testing started has consistently suggested 40% or more of those infected are clinically asymptomatic! Hard data out of Iceland, where they tested the population, showed 43% of the population did not even realize they were infected! We have to place this in perspective with the 5% infected who do have critical outcomes.
  • Second: COVID-19 is highly selective in who it severely affects & kills; people with metabolic compromises like diabetes, obesity, low Vitamin D, sedentarism and diets & lifestyles full of high carb processed foods. All of the above are correctable at little to NO cost!
  • Third: What this means is if you are truly metabolically fit, your risk factor for a poor COVID outcome is negligible.

Understanding these points will help remove the fear and uncertainty which pervades our lives currently and allow you to take control to move forward. We were all hoping 2021 was going to be different. Turns out we are still slogging along with many spring events being cancelled or rescheduled for the fall. With nothing to train for, the loss of motivation is real, especially after a year of stress and uncertainty. 

LIFE is NOT Cancelled

But one event is not cancelled... LIFE! If COVID should have taught us anything it is that we really need to engage fully, become the best version of ourselves we can be and live life to the fullest!

As I’ve been saying for a year now, “COVID is a big wakeup call to higher health!” This is as true now as it was then, and the data confirms this. That higher health is Metabolic Health, and it starts with optimizing fat metabolism. 

Whether you like it or not, you’re signed up for that ultra-endurance event called life and like any ultra, it’s not going to be pretty if you don’t train for it. So, if you want to gain the Metabolic Freedom YOU deserve:

In the words of Dr. Cathy Buletza, “OFM prepares you to handle whatever life throws at you.” She should know. She ran her first Ultra last November, a 50 Mile Trail Ultra, on elusive bits of training and lots of night and 24 shifts in the COVID ICU ward right up until the Wednesday of her race. She finished and was back working in the ICU on Monday morning. This is winning!

If you want to hear a recent interview we did with Dr Cathy, check this recording in our Facebook Group here.  (join if you not a member to see it)

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