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What is your Risk Profile? 3 Blood Markers You Need to Know

“May you live in interesting times…” With the summer receding, we find ourselves at a seminal crossroads because things are not working out as planned nor expected. Instead, we find ourselves in a blame game as the science continues to evolve, showing a much more complicated, nuanced and dynamic scenario than the simple solution policy makers […]

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Masterclass: Discovering Metabolic Health with Dr Cathy

Dr. Cathy, lives at the pointy end of acute medical care as an ICU Physician, ICU Director and also a Trauma Surgeon. Growing up and currently working in New Jersey she has devoted her life to the health & welfare of others. She literally saves lives on a daily basis because medical interventions in acute […]

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Mission Impossible: Take back your Metabolic Health

FAIR WARNING: Today’s vlog is convoluted, BUT stick with me, because this really is about you and your overall well being…Like you, I cannot escape the daily bombardment of urgent news, messaging, narratives, and advertising, as well as those surreptitious ads that seem to magically invade my computer after I have glanced at a page. If […]

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Metabolic Freedom: Your personal road to Independence

Celebrating our Country’s Independence this 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to get YOU thinking about Metabolic Freedom.I’ve been saying for a while, “We need a Revolution, just not what we’ve seen played out over the past year.” Why? Because when you look at these events, whether it was the BLM riots or the […]

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Your Metabolic Health – Getting Back to the Basics

What does teaching my kiddos how to use the brakes on their bicycles have to do with your metabolic health & performance? …A LOT!  This impromptu vlog came together during my run on Case Mountain Road a few days after spending an afternoon teaching my kiddos some basic cycling skills. It’s one of those serendipitous ‘Ah Hah’ […]

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How & Why OFM Actually Enhances Carbohydrate Metabolism

Recently there has been a lot of online media coming from the conventional sports nutrition experts in defense of carbs, including a LOT of carbs. . . And guess what! I don’t have a problem with carbs and if you’re fat adapted, you shouldn’t either!The key is to maintain and grow your carb tolerance so […]

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Vaccines – a huge metabolic gift

As I’ve been saying since the start of this COVID debacle, COVID really is a HUGE wakeup call to higher health. And with a year under our belt, the data makes it clear how metabolic health is THE key driver… like heart disease, like diabetes, like cancer, we keep coming up with these band aid […]

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The One Event that’s NOT Cancelled

I want to begin this vlog with something I often say to my Type A athletes, “Look how far you’ve come, not just how far you want to go.”  We actually have come a long way from the initial uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. To the relief of many, the vaccination program is underway, and it appears […]

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