Do you feel that with every passing day you have less control over your personal health? And with regard to the latest health crisis, are you absolutely sure whether your decision to “vaccinate or not vaccinate” was the right and only choice? It’s actually no different in other aspects of your health; are you on the right diet, training modality or latest ‘hack’? 

Many people I’ve worked with have felt the same way when we started working together - confused, powerless and off their game, even though they were doing all the ‘right’ things. It’s no different now. Whether you are an athlete or just searching to become the best version of yourself, we all know, at some level, things have gotten complicated. 

A Different Approach

Rather than complicate things further, I’d like to take a completely different approach; one that looks within and reflects, instead of looking out and reacting to the chaotic externalities of modern life. It is the Serenity Prayer:

Regardless of your spiritual affiliation or reliance on “The Science”, these are powerful words to live by. Often, it is humility which drives us forward while hubris holds us back. 

The Courage to Change The Things You Can

Start with serenity. Step back from the noise of the modern world and be at peace. While the tiger is not jumping out of the bush to eat you, do recognize that so much of modern life, including your device, is actually pinging that same primitive ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. So, although you cannot change a lot of today’s connected world, you can empower yourself in how you interact and respond to it by taking a break.

Accept yourself as an individual, then take responsibility and ownership for your unique health and performance journey, because health and performance go hand in hand. It does not have to be perfect. You don’t have to run a marathon. At this point in the journey, simply taking responsibility and ownership, along with making a commitment to yourself, is the foundation needed to move you forward. 

Empower yourself with information tailored to your individual needs and goals; information based solidly in the science of evolutionary biology, not soundbite science. 

This is where we can help. For over 20 years, we have been “Leading the Science” (Jeff Volek RD/PhD) with real-world application helping  athletes who not only meet, but exceed their health and performance expectations , while also participating in  groundbreaking studies like the FASTER Study

OFM - not a diet or 'hack'

Our focus has always been on reclaiming your metabolic health rather than a diet, training modality or ‘hack’. What we learn from our work at the outer edges of human performance, we bring back to you so you can reclaim your metabolic health and performance in all aspects of life!

It does not matter where you are at this moment. You have the “courage to change the things I can” at your fingertips. You can become the best version of yourself, starting with your metabolic health. 

And finally, once you experience the life-changing benefits of getting your body back to burning ‘Fat as fuel’, the way nature intended, you will possess the “wisdom to know the difference” just like the thousands of people we’ve helped. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start on your personalized journey to metabolic freedom, contact our Team for a free 15 minute consultation

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