Celebrating our Country’s Independence this 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to get YOU thinking about Metabolic Freedom.

I’ve been saying for a while, “We need a Revolution, just not what we’ve seen played out over the past year.” Why? Because when you look at these events, whether it was the BLM riots or the insurrectionist run on our Nation’s Capitol, these are really forms of “acting out” due to fear, uncertainty and frustration placing blame rather than taking responsibility. Demanding through violence that the ‘government’ fix their issues rather than the government supporting the individual and their self-determination which are the underpinnings of our Constitution. 

Our Founding Fathers took responsibility for their personal independence and self-determination. They righted a wrong through the American Revolution, but, what is more, after defeating the British, they were responsible in making sure personal freedoms were the right of every individual in the context of those times. Sure, these men were self-serving, had slaves and women were essentially considered chattel, but the Constitution and Bill of Rights they created has not only stood the test of time but, as Humans have culturally & socially evolved, those constitutionally enshrined rights and freedoms have only become more powerful through inclusion of every human being. 

So what does this have to do with Metabolic Freedom?


The biggest act of insurrection is taking responsibility for oneself and one’s actions instead of blaming others. To become independent, one has to first take the steps to be less dependent. That is easier said than done in a world where we pay a lot of lip service to self-empowerment & self-determination, but the reality is humans have become more interdependent than ever before.

And so it goes with our health… We desperately need to start a true health revolution. Not a diet, not a new type of workout modality, not a shiny high-tech device or app nor another attempt to overhaul the healthcare system. Every one of us has to develop our individual Metabolic Freedom by getting our physiology and metabolism back to the one nature endowed us with; the one that optimizes fat metabolism.

The Founding Fathers of Metabolic Health

Those of us “revolutionaries” (people like Mike Mutzel, Brett Weinstein, Ivor Cummings, Dr. Scott Johnson, myself and others) who, from the start, have and continue to publicly call to question the current situation are being censored, dismissed, silenced or discredited. As the data and clinical evidence grows to counter the status quo, distinguished scientists in the field have also come forward to speak out. Many more health professionals feel the same way but publicly cannot speak out for fear of losing their job or grant funding. These are the elements which can make for a revolution or rule by fiat as we slip into ever more dependence upon the conveniences of modern technology. 

Those Founding Fathers, those framers who are heroes in our eyes, were reviled and thought of as rogues and criminals by the British. See how a change of perspective changes everything? Now consider that those of us asking legitimate and scientifically sound questions are being thought of and essentially treated in the same way by the powers of today in government, pharma and media in an effort to put down a growing unrest with how things are playing out. 

Revolutions require personal responsibility to create independence from a system unintentionally rigged to make and keep you dependent, and far from reaching your optimal self. Like those core Human Values of Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, you deserve Metabolic Freedom by getting your body back to burning fat as fuel, the way nature intended. 

Have a wonderful 4th of July by getting started on your journey to Metabolic Freedom today!

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