As the fear and frustration instilled by this panicdemic continues to simmer and occasionally boil over, people are being divided. You cannot help but see this in the mainstream , alternative, and social media outlets, as well as our day to day interactions.

Humanity rises above its biological imperatives when we unite, cooperate and collaborate, ironically, to secure and ensure those very same biological imperatives of “Sex and Survival” - which are at the core of this division.

We need to come together and have open ended conversations, where data and ideas are shared in order to develop a dynamic and evolving strategy, which adapts to the emerging data.  At the moment we seem to be tearing each other apart to feel we are ‘right’, with static intransient positions each of us deems as “science.” The need to be right is rarely effective, even when right. 

Navigating this divided argument

The point is that YOU, and only YOU, are responsible for:

  1. Formulating your thoughts 
  2. Taking responsibility for Your Health

Both have been usurped and compromised. It doesn’t matter what position you take or, more precisely, what you think you have taken, because in the past 18 months we’ve had riots, protests, an attempted storming of the US Capitol, and censorship, but has any of this really helped YOU?

My guess is not only has none of this helped you, but it has actually distracted and hindered you to some degree. If that is happening on an individual basis, think of the implications for society. Where is the outrage?

On both sides of the spectrum, media, health, political and policy leaders have been less than transparent, obfuscated, and even lied about critical information. They have chosen to speak to and treat us as if we are children.   Sadly, the reality of speaking to society as if it were a bunch of children looks to have largely worked.

Again, where is the outrage?

Misdirected Outrage

Currently, there is plenty of outrage being directed at unvaccinated individuals filling up hospitals. This, however, is a red herring because emerging data indicates breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals are making up a significant amount of hospitalizations. Vaccinated individuals who are infected unknowingly carry similar, if not higher, viral loads than the unvaccinated. 

Complicated only begins to describe what is evolving on the topic, however, people are forming their opinions based upon oversimplified and intransient information. 

Where Outrage is Needed

This brings me to the real outrage: the utter lack of a conversation, information and policy on basic Metabolic Health. Even “Pre-Panicdemic Doctor Fauci” alluded to this prior to the current situation, but nowhere is this to be found today. 

Instead, people at all levels argue back and forth about acute interventions that are having limited effectiveness precisely because we, as a society, have allowed our metabolic health to fall to pathetic levels, which all but dictate many of us to be dependent upon a system that treats rather than cures  reversible conditions (in most cases).

Most metabolic conditions are corrected without medical interventions if identified early enough, and even when medical intervention is necessary, this does not preclude the low to no cost strategies for achieving metabolic health, the very ones Dr. Fauci alludes to in the 2019 video!

Take Your Health and Thinking into Your Own Hands

Everyone needs to recognize they’ve been misled and have enough outrage to realize our leaders have failed. Online health and wellness gurus have largely been quiet on the issue to avoid controversy. Meanwhile, those who are speaking up like Mike Mutzel, Ivor Cummins, Aseem Malhottra, myself (and even Joe Rogan), are being PERSONALLY discredited, rather than discredited on the quality of information being put forth. 

Now, we should be outraged, but this outrage should not be limited to those of us who have taken responsibility for our metabolic health. I am talking about the outrage to recognize that the responsibility for formulating your thoughts and obtaining truly robust health have been STOLEN FROM YOU!  More importantly, direct your outrage to reclaim your responsibility to be the most optimal version of YOU! 

The Way Forward is Inconvenient

The problem is that the way forward is work. Re-evaluating our beliefs is excruciatingly difficult. Nothing about it is convenient, and we are addicted to convenience in every way. Ironically, modern human ingenuity and innovation is driven by our perceived need for convenience, including the convenience of not having to think. We live in an environment of the “how” without an exploration of the “why” which works wonderfully in the information age; i.e. information in / information out, just like the devices which seem to be ruling our lives.

The evolutionary pressures which shaped us as humans to make us strong, robust and intelligent forced us to be smart, strong and resilient. Our intelligent and ever so clever quest for convenience is our undoing. We have essentially outsourced ourselves within a man made construct of convenience and virtuality, and in doing so, we have removed those forces that made us robust and ingenious individuals. Once again, I ask, “Where is the outrage?” 

Mentally, emotionally and physically, we all benefit from being the best version of ourselves. It is time to start reclaiming your thoughts and physical vitality, both of which are based upon a physiology optimized for metabolizing body fat as the primary and principal energy source. This is our wheelhouse, and we are here as your guides, not some guru, to help you navigate your individual journey to higher health and peak performance.

I’ll leave you with this scene from the 1976 movie Network to channel the outrage into inspiration for your personal transformation. 
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