I’d like to get you out of your comfort zone with this vlog. In these times where the undertone of fear is a constant, we all need to be shook up and get our heads pulled out of whatever hole of rigid thoughts we have buried it in.  In doing so we can learn something new to allay our fears. Fears which are only heightened when we remain in the darkness of our confirmational bias making us the proverbial ‘Deer in the Internet Headlights’.....

As Humans it is only natural that we want the order and the security of knowing . . .  and I ‘get’ chaos is something Humans tend to avoid rather than embrace.    Google provides the orderly convenience of this omniscience we seek, yet does it really?

The Reality of Science and Metrics

The reality, when we are ready to accept it, is Nature does not work in the way we modern Humans do. Nature is in constant experimentation, however, contrary to The Scientific Method, the experimentation is random and chaotic. 

  • There is no Hypothesis. 

  • There are no metrics, no data sets and no statistics. 

  • There is no controlling the variables.

Rather the variables are exerting their influence, while other variables exert their influence on the variables, all in the dynamic symphony of Life which moves in sync with Time.  

This is  evolution in play and your cells, your DNA, your biome are doing this at this very moment! . . . and out of this comes an order, what I call, “The Elegant Chaos of Nature” 

The Elegant Chaos of Natural Systems

When we Humans take our hands off and haven’t altered the environment, a natural order emerges in perfect balance. Every time.

So rather than needing to ‘know’ we should seek to understand,as fully as we are capable, then understand we don’t understand it all and continue the journey of learning and growth. 

This is how Science should work. 

The Scientific Method is still Important

The Scientific Method, data, statistics are there as tools to seek a continuum of knowledge, curiosity & understanding. Sadly, there are those who seek to weaponize and/or monetize science to divide the Human Race while claiming and honestly believing they are saving it.

History serves us here for so many conflicts like the Crusades or The Rise of the Third Reich started off in the name of saving Humanity. . . . think about this for a moment.

The more we seek to control our destiny by shortcutting natural systems instead of working with them, the more we dig ourselves a deeper hole to climb out of. We are becoming ever more dependent upon acute solutions, which, long term, tend to turn out to be bandaids. The more delusional we become in our Hubris that technology can solve our problems, the more we miss the ‘unintended consequences’ that technology always and inevitably brings.

The Crossroad at Human Health

We find ourselves precisely at this crossroad in Human Health, having kicked the can down the road with these acute band aid solutions. For decades, our shortcuts and conveniences have resulted in a series of metabolic health crises, each becoming Institutionalized with convenient bandaids costing Trillions of dollars over time. And, with each bandaid solution and each new convenience, Human Health gets taken down a notch. 

This is why YOUR metabolic health is so important and why YOU need to reclaim it. Nature, through millions of years of evolution, using chaos to find order, perfectly shaped YOU to have robust lasting health. 

Embracing Natural Chaos and claiming back your Metabolic Health

YOU are a result of this natural randomness. . . and this is a beautiful and wonderful thing. This is what makes YOU an Individual! It’s time to embrace chaos because in embracing the unknown, the random & chaotic just a wee bit we are embracing our own unique being. 

Getting your metabolism back to using fat as the primary aerobic energy source, the way nature intended, allows you the metabolic freedom to let go of structured and rigid diets, fasting protocols and exercise routines so you can simply LIVE a lifestyle where you are naturally motivated to eat well, fast without thinking about it, and have the desire to be physically active.

Developing methods, solutions and products which work with and/or mimic nature is what we do here at VESPA & OFM. It is who we are, and why we are committed to changing the paradigm of health & performance one athlete at a time.

You can start by:

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