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Feasting & Fasting – Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

For those of us who are health conscious, navigating the holiday festivities is a bit treacherous. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because when you optimize your fat metabolism, you can navigate the holidays with aplomb and without stress.  How to understand the Fasting / Feasting BalanceThe holidays offer a great opportunity to discuss […]

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Join the Metabolic Health Revolution!

Like the Marines, I am not looking for everyone. I am looking for the committed few…  Those who have experienced the transformational benefits of metabolic health achieved by Optimizing Fat Metabolism (OFM) and “get it”. By using Vespa, I had an epic run at Western States.This event solidified my conviction in the ‘fat as fuel’ approach […]

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What’s YOUR Metabolic Health Test Score?

Since the start of our current health crisis, I have said this is a “wakeup call to higher health,” but during a conversation with my friend and OFM Coach, Mike McKovich, it dawned on me what this really is: A Metabolic Health Test. That’s right… a genuine, real-world pop quiz of your metabolic health status where […]

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A Different Kind of “New Normal” – Metabolic Freedom

We keep hearing the term “New Normal” being bantered about, and yet, nothing is normal. You actually know this intuitively. The problem is most of us are accepting the current situation as the new normal, one where uncertainty and fear are the perceived norm. By accepting this as normal, we are “Sold, Told and Controlled”, […]

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Naturally enhance YOUR fat metabolism

This was recently posted on social media by one of our VESPA Ambassadors. This is called the “Vespa High” . . . and this is simply how Humans are meant to feel and perform. This is because Vespa enhances fat metabolism NATURALLY!  As a natural catalyst Vespa works with your body’s physiology to tap into a […]

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Reverse The Aging Process Through Robust Metabolic Health

Today I want to myth bust the very tip of the iceberg surrounding anti-aging my hope is these thoughts will pique your curiosity enough to question what you are being told on this topic, most of which does little to actually help you reach your goal. What you are told about reverse agingFirst, regardless of […]

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Your Metabolic Health & The 3 Stages of Truth

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  – Arthur Schopenhauer This quote is pretty relevant to what we are doing here at VESPA and OFM. The concept of fat as fuel is simple, elegant and aligned with the science of evolutionary […]

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The Serenity Prayer and Your Metabolic Health

Do you feel that with every passing day you have less control over your personal health? And with regard to the latest health crisis, are you absolutely sure whether your decision to “vaccinate or not vaccinate” was the right and only choice? It’s actually no different in other aspects of your health; are you on […]

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The Health Delusion – Where is the Outrage?

As the fear and frustration instilled by this panicdemic continues to simmer and occasionally boil over, people are being divided. You cannot help but see this in the mainstream , alternative, and social media outlets, as well as our day to day interactions.Humanity rises above its biological imperatives when we unite, cooperate and collaborate, ironically, […]

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