I just want to take a few minutes to thank you for the Gift of supporting our quest to change the paradigm of health & performance. Whether you are a customer or client, vendor, or part of our growing Team, your belief, advocacy and business has made a profound difference - especially these past few years.

As each of you know, the knowledge, expertise and products we provide are the ‘Kit’ meaning there is a lot of ‘Assembly Required’.

So, whether we are helping you with products like VESPA and some Coaching or Consulting, remember, you are a key player in giving yourself the Gift of Metabolic Health.

What this means is while we’ve pioneered fat adaptation in the new millennia…. literally one athlete at a time…… we could not have done it without YOU!

Please share this gift by simply being yourself, because, now more than ever, the world needs the Gift of Metabolic Health and you are a shining example of what being truly healthy is!

Once again, Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Peter Defty

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

  • Feel Younger
  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
  • Reach Your Natural Weight