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A Different Kind of “New Normal” – Metabolic Freedom

We keep hearing the term “New Normal” being bantered about, and yet, nothing is normal. You actually know this intuitively. The problem is most of us are accepting the current situation as the new normal, one where uncertainty and fear are the perceived norm. By accepting this as normal, we are “Sold, Told and Controlled”, […]

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Naturally enhance YOUR fat metabolism

This was recently posted on social media by one of our VESPA Ambassadors. This is called the “Vespa High” . . . and this is simply how Humans are meant to feel and perform. This is because Vespa enhances fat metabolism NATURALLY!  As a natural catalyst Vespa works with your body’s physiology to tap into a […]

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Reverse The Aging Process Through Robust Metabolic Health

Today I want to myth bust the very tip of the iceberg surrounding anti-aging my hope is these thoughts will pique your curiosity enough to question what you are being told on this topic, most of which does little to actually help you reach your goal. What you are told about reverse agingFirst, regardless of […]

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Pioneering the Science of Fat Metabolism

“You guys are leading the science” are the precise words of Jeff Volek RD/PhD when he was first revealing the data from the FASTER Study at a conference in 2014.In March of 2015, “Metabolic Characteristics of Keto-Adapted Ultra-Endurance Runners” was published, and a seismic shift in metabolic science occurred because never before had a study […]

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Your Metabolic Health & The 3 Stages of Truth

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”  – Arthur Schopenhauer This quote is pretty relevant to what we are doing here at VESPA and OFM. The concept of fat as fuel is simple, elegant and aligned with the science of evolutionary […]

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The Serenity Prayer and Your Metabolic Health

Do you feel that with every passing day you have less control over your personal health? And with regard to the latest health crisis, are you absolutely sure whether your decision to “vaccinate or not vaccinate” was the right and only choice? It’s actually no different in other aspects of your health; are you on […]

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What is your Risk Profile? 3 Blood Markers You Need to Know

“May you live in interesting times…” With the summer receding, we find ourselves at a seminal crossroads because things are not working out as planned nor expected. Instead, we find ourselves in a blame game as the science continues to evolve, showing a much more complicated, nuanced and dynamic scenario than the simple solution policy makers […]

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Know this One Key Metabolic Fact and Arm Your Immune System

Today’s vlog is a physiology/metabolism lesson; just a simple, non-debated fact of RNA biology which is critical to know to empower YOU to move forward through this current mess. But first, let’s frame the discussion with some context:Lack of Information Leads to Doubt and FearThroughout this messy and evolving situation we have found ourselves in, […]

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Metabolic Freedom: Your personal road to Independence

Celebrating our Country’s Independence this 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to get YOU thinking about Metabolic Freedom.I’ve been saying for a while, “We need a Revolution, just not what we’ve seen played out over the past year.” Why? Because when you look at these events, whether it was the BLM riots or the […]

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