Honest competition leads to development, insights and understanding on how we can be and do better, it is how we can raise the bar. 

We can see the advancements in our vehicles with technology from Formula 1 and Moto GP.  But, sadly, Human health has declined in spite of sports competition. 

We are changing that, and have been leading that change for over 20 years with the radical notion that fat is your main fuel for performance athletics of all kinds. But more than just a concept, we have developed and proven this concept time after time at the highest and hardest levels of human competition. 

To lead one has to go to the ragged edge of the performance envelope in the real world NOT the lab.

This is the space we inhabit to pioneer and innovate performance fat adaptation. This is where OFM fat adapted Athletes have, using VESPA, competed and won at the very highest levels of competition. Working with these athletes to gain insights as well as being Guinea Pig #1, I’ve pioneered the development of a comprehensive set of protocols to optimize fat metabolism. 

Performance Without Sacrificing Health

This is more than performance because optimal fat metabolism yields optimal metabolic health.  My approach and philosophy has always been that the healthiest athlete consistently trains and competes best. 

Don’t let any expert or credentialed person fool you into thinking chronic consumption of concentrated carbohydrates, or teaching your gut how to consume more calories during exercise is a good idea - no matter how much ‘science’. It is all sugar at the end of the day, and YOU don’t need any expert to tell you consuming a lot of sugar is a good idea.

Almost all the resources in researching health care and disease prevention go to studying how to treat those with disease, those who are unwell, unhealthy and frail….so do you really think that optimal health and wellness advice is going to come from an approach that looks at disease states instead of also looking at why truly healthy people never develop these diseases in the first place? 

Finding The Right Approach

Wouldn’t you want to get your health information from those on the cutting edge of human health and performance, those who trained the Low Carb Diet Cohort of athletes that led to ground-breaking FASTER Study? 

Or, more relevantly, wouldn’t you want to get your information and guidance from those who have helped people like Jeff Brown, who at 50 competes at the highest levels and Bart Smith who at 75 still runs Ultra Marathons?  For more of our success stories click here.  

All of our athletes enjoy robust health and stay at the top of their game no matter what their age. You, too, can attain higher health and peak performance!  

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

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  • Perform Better
  • Reverse Chronic Conditions
  • Reach Peak Health 
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