In recent years there has been this huge interest in slowing or reversing the aging process with the likes of Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and Peter Attia being the internet Gurus people flock to.

Long before these guys had any inkling about the benefits of carbohydrate restriction, I’d accidentally tripped onto these benefits for slowing the aging process through my work with elite ultra-endurance athletes. 

Getting Better With Age

This became apparent because the athletes I was working with got stronger, fitter and faster over time, while many of their high carbohydrate colleagues had 2-3 seasons of success followed by a rapid decline from GI issues and injuries. Even today, athletes like Jeff Browning and Nick Coury are seasoned ultra-endurance athletes at the top of their sport who only seem to get better with age. 

So many of the athletes we have helped who are literally defying their age, like Bob Halpenny here who can swing a kettlebell with the best of them or run a 100K mountain ultra at the age of 72 - Or Bart Smith at 75 - or Diane Cridennda at 69. And then there is ‘Jeff’ who in his 50’s has put his T1 diabetes into such a level of remission he doesn’t need any exogenous insulin, and can even enjoy a slice of almond cake and expresso during his rides. 

How does Fat Metabolism Help?

What’s their secret? It’s no secret at all. It is OFM, a comprehensive and integrated program to get your body back to optimal fat metabolism, the physiology nature intended you to have. Doing so allows you to focus on LIVING instead of ‘The Science’ and here’s why. 

It goes back to what I call getting back to the basics. So when you hear these Gurus talk about or interview scientists on the length of your telomeres, or autophagy, or feeding and fasting windows or time and calorie restricted dieting or mTOR etc. know that, under the umbrella of OFM, these things take care of themselves.

The problem is when you hear these podcasts etc. the focus is on each thing, and there is a sense of importance and urgency to the subject being important in slowing aging or reversing chronic disease. All of a sudden there is a preoccupation with your telomere length or your fasting window which is a stress you simply do not need.  Evolution did not shape us to think this way. 

3 Reasons the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) Protocol Works

OFM is a great foundation for slowing or even reversing the aging process including preventing or reversing many modern chronic diseases. Here are 3 basic reasons: 

Reason #1: Optimized fat metabolism minimizes oxidative stress.  The combination of minimizing glucose and glucose metabolism to the essential, while improving fat metabolism creates an environment where excess oxidative stress is minimal thus minimizing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), otherwise known as ‘Free Radicals’ and Advanced Glycated End products, otherwise known as AGE’s both of which literally accelerate the aging process

Reason #2: Optimized fat metabolism optimizes the regeneration of every cell, hormone, enzyme, protein and peptide in your body….literally, your body is made of and runs on the turnover of fats, cholesterols, lipids and lipoproteins based upon the metabolism of fat. 

Reason #3: Through physical activity, OFM, provides the adaptive stress your body needs to signal rejuvenation and adaptation so you stay strong and resilient at any age. The combination of aerobic physical activity, with challenges to take you out of your comfort zone provide the stimulus to harness fat metabolism to build muscle, stimulate hormone synthesis, including HGH and sex hormones, and mitochondrial biogenesis to literally provide the aerobic super cells to keep you young and vibrant. 

My work in ultra-endurance has yielded several gems and slowing the aging process to a crawl is one of them. But it is much more than that, because while you probably don’t consider yourself an ultra-endurance athlete, you actually are because the ultimate ultra is Life and this ultra is all about going longer better.

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