There is this commonly held belief that OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) is some form of a Keto diet or a High Fat Low Carb Diet, so today I’d like to blow that myth clean out of the water once and for all, because as you will learn shortly OFM is far from a keto diet once you are adapted. 

The article will help you to clarify these misconceptions about OFM, including things related to the food you eat, and to give you insights on how your native physiology and metabolism works so you can obtain higher health and peak performance. 

OFM is not a Diet

Before we dive into the specific dietary differences, the very first myth about OFM is this: OFM is NOT a diet! OFM focuses on your foundational physiology and metabolism, the one that harnesses fat as fuel and, as importantly, how fat metabolism plays a role in almost every metabolic process in your body EXCEPT for glucose metabolism, which is your ‘fight or flight’ energy source. 

My suggestion is to step back and consider this… focus on YOU instead of an externality like the diet. Isn’t this where you want the focus to be? Rather than you making dramatic changes to suit some diet or training plan, don’t you want the diet and exercise to suit you and benefit your physiology? 

How to Think About Your Metabolic Health

Point #1 - Diet is a tool.

The ketogenic diet or High Fat Low Carb Diets are tools like other diets.

Point #2: OFM  is NOT high fat like a keto or High Fat Low Carb Diets.

I repeat. It is NOT a high fat diet! . . . is there fat in the diet? Certainly, but, it is not a diet where fat reigns. 

So what does OFM eating look like then? For most people it is a diet that, surprisingly, has a lot of non-starchy vegetables, whole food protein sources and the ‘Strategic’ use of concentrated forms of carbohydrates timed in to give that push for optimal performance. We use enough fat to cook, dress, condiment or sauce these foods to make them taste GREAT! . . . because OFM is about burning fat not eating fat.

If you are asking yourself how this works it is both simple and complicated. The problem is we have oversimplified diets into structured metrics that don’t account for biology. 

For example, with OFM, the carbs in non-starchy vegetables simply don’t count. You can eat as much or as little as you like because they simply do not count. If anything and if you were counting they would actually count as part of your fat macro. How does a carb count as a fat?  Those non-starchy, non-sweet carbs locked in the matrix of fiber, water and minerals actually are converted to short chain fatty acids by the biome in your colon! 

Point #3: Diets are not sustainable and food is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated.  

Lifestyle and living are sustainable, and why we focus on your physiology and metabolism instead of a diet so you can live fully. This includes enjoying a wide variety of foods without the stress of counting calories or calculating macros so you can live life to the fullest!

If you are interested in learning more contact us for more information.

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