When you hear someone talking about how their Diet suppresses hunger, don’t believe them. That is right, do NOT believe them! It does not matter which diet is discussed - Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Plant based, humans have hunger triggers as part of our evolutionary heritage and biological hardwiring and for good reason.   Hunger is what got humans off their lazy butts to hunt and gather. 

Ironically, as modern times make crystal clear, we really did need an overarching hunger drive to get us off our butts to hunt and gather because without it we simply won’t. 

We clever humans are so ingenious at creating the conveniences of modern life, we have altered our environment in such a way that food of all types is available instantly at the tap of an ordering app….no physical activity needed.  So we have made the food available, literally at our fingertips, all while eliminating the level of physical activity we were shaped to “have to” hunt and gather it. Yet that biological hard wiring of hunger remains. It ebbs and flows, and it is a conundrum for sure. 

Unless you are really sick, that hunger trigger will always be there in the background waiting for that feeding opportunity. So how do you cope in an environment so dramatically altered from the one that shaped us? 

Here are some tips to help you supress hunger: 

  1. Get a fat adapted physiology so you are capable of burning your body fat as fuel
  2. Quit snacking and only eat two to three meals a day 
  3. Stay hydrated: Water + Electrolytes, mainly salt
  4. Stay engaged in work and life
  5. Use physical activity as a tool to upregulate energy delivery and stave of hunger
  6. Try VESPA to get a taste of how fat adaptation can help you harness your onboard energy to attenuate your hunger.

We have used these and additional strategies to help others manage their natural hunger triggers. If you want to learn more go to our sites at vespapower.com or ofm.io to learn more.

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