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Cardiovascular conditioning is essential for the Fat Adapted Athlete

Cardiovascular Conditioning is a foundational piece in optimizing your fat metabolism. . . So, in today’s video, I’m going to share the ‘whys’ of cardio for those seminal ‘ahh, hah!’ moments you need to recognize just how crucial developing your cardiovascular potential is for health and performance.Now, if you are an endurance athlete, I don’t […]

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[CoVid Update] The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

I want to continue our conversation on how to ‘convert retreat into advance’ as echoed from Franklin Roosevelt’s inaugural address during the Great Depression. We are living in similar fearful times and have retreated in that fear. We have been told to ‘shelter in place’ and while isolation for the past month has been needed […]

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[VLOG] Now is the time to Save BIG without sacrificing a thing!

Save BIG without sacrificing a thing! | Covid-19 Strategies

The current situation has dramatically impacted everyone. These kinds of events can be harnessed to make REAL & permanent changes to benefit us in the long run if we adopt this mindset. So let’s get started and double down.  Knowing almost everyone is financially impacted by COVID-19, today I am going to discuss real and […]

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What to expect when changing your fuel from Carbs to Fat

There is no doubt that carbohydrates provide a lot of energy but it is important we understand the metabolic problems they can cause to find the ‘BALANCE’. One example comes to mind when I was talking to a triathlon coach about an athlete of his who claimed she had chronic fatigue syndrome.  This coach did […]

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[Article] Cell health and Mitochondria - every athlete needs to know this!

YOUR Fat Adapted Future begins with Mitochondria

There remains a lot of scepticism and doubt around fat adaptation for health & performance. Earlier this year a podcast came out with Jason Koop   and Jeff Browning. In this podcast Jason expresses not only  doubt but, at times, dismissiveness about the results Jeff Browning is experiencing from optimizing his fat metabolism. At the […]

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[Article] Why Liver and Organ Meats are Essential to your Sports Nutrition

Liver and Organ Meats are Essential to your Sports Nutrition

Today we are going to discuss an important part of your supplementation and why Liver capsules are important.  It is part of the “whole animal eating” strategy that is part of the OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) protocol. Most of us are not accustomed to eating the parts of the animal like liver, heart, kidneys, tripe, […]

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How to enjoy Festive Events and stay Fat Adapted

In a recent article I talked about how you can use Intermittent Fasting over the holiday season.  The key points today add to the fasting tips and help you have a strategy so you let go and enjoy your festivities. It is also an opportunity to enhance your fat burning by extending the fasting windows […]

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[Article] Ring in the New Year without the hangover!

Ring in the New Year without the hangover!

“It’s like it NEVER happened. . .” – Bryant Lind, Vespa user on the novel use of Vespa to prevent a hangover.  This is a direct quote from Bryant on using Vespa after an evening of alcoholic libations. Normally Bryant would wake up dehydrated and with a hangover but not anymore!With New Year’s approaching and […]

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