Vespa Voodoo: A Natural Catalyst for performance & metabolic freedom

If you are new to VESPA I’d like to articulate what you might be thinking; “Vespa seems like Voodoo…..wasp extract, eww, …”  A friend gave me his honest impression as I was speaking to him the other day and I ‘get it’ . I’ve gotten it for a long time but failed to address the issue because, how do you have a reasonable conversation with someone who has a visceral reaction like ‘eww’ to what you are offering?  You don’t. 

Why we find change hard

The fact is we are naturally hardwired to have such reactions to products and concepts that are foreign to us. It’s a survival mechanism, survival in what we know or, more appropriately, what we think we know, rather than what we don’t know. 

The conundrum here is the concept of Yin/Yang where we need the stability of our routines and habits and what we know, however at the same time need to constantly change and grow. But change dictates getting out of our comfort zone in every way. The problem is without a serious impetus to change we almost always fall back on what we know and are secure with. 

Vespa is a ‘radical’ change from what we have been taught.

Vespa is a radical departure from the typical product that helps fuel your sport.

  1.  Vespa approaches sports performance from the radical notion that body fat should be the primary fuel for aerobic metabolism; ‘Fat is your fuel’ instead of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, our ‘Fight or Flight’ energy should be the “Icing on the Cake’
  2. Vespa is a Catalyst, instead of Calories allowing you to tap into the limitless energy of your own body fat. 
  3. Vespa harnesses the science of Nature, not the man-made lab. Vespa is an accidental discovery of Nature and composed of natural minimally processed insect products;honey, propolis, royal jelly, wasp extract instead of man-made ingredients. You don’t need a PhD in food science or organic chemistry to know what is in it. It is so natural it is classed by the FDA as a food and not a supplement.

Vespa Works With Your Natural Physiology

With Vespa what you notice is what you don’t notice. Because Vespa works with your body’s physiology you feel naturally strong with stable energy levels and sharp metal focus instead of the ups & downs of products with sugars and/or stimulants. You don’t have the sugar highs or caffeine rushes but you don’t have the ups and crashing downs either. . . just strong stable energy and a recovery you have to experience to believe!

Genuine change is always radical and for the better. Vespa actually gets you INTO your comfort zone. It’s OK though to have reservations and be turned off by ‘wasp extract’ etc. because  many of our athletes first thought Vespa was gimmick too! They’ve made the change and never looked back. What’s stopping YOU? 

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