Less is MORE – Are You “Over Fueling”

One of my consistent observations in working with athletes of all ages, abilities and endeavors is this: 'Less is MORE' . . . it never ceases to amaze me how little a person needs to perform and be on their game in life when they optimize their fat metabolism.

But here is the catch & conundrum:  We live in a world which allows us effortless access to the very foods, supplements, sports nutrition and electrolytes we need to achieve this, however, along with this ‘click & buy’ access, well-intended marketing has 'sold, told & controlled' most people into believing we always need more or ‘science’ has clinically proven in a double blind placebo controlled study you NEED this! . . . This could not be further from today's truth. 

We Need A LOT Less

Stop . . . FULL stop for a moment and consider this: We humans are incredibly robust & efficient. Evolution shaped us this way. We have forgotten this in a world which has distracted us into thinking we are in constant need of something 'clinically proven' to enhance our health, strength, endurance, libido, weight loss, performance, mental focus, muscle gain, immunity, etc. 

While there are exceptions (sodium being one) you will find:

  1. You need a lot less calories than you realize
  2. You need a lot less ‘nutrition’ or macros from food & supplementation
  3. You will feel & perform better with less during exercise and in daily life

We've been 'sold, told & controlled' into thinking we NEED this superfood or that supplement to the point of stress and distraction that we are missing out on some make or break piece of the puzzle. When you strip away the constant chatter of being ‘sold, told & controlled’ and experience your performance potential you will see that not only is “Less MORE,” but it is more of YOU! 

Sure, you need to figure out what you need and those key elements you will find are essential, but you will also find that a LOT of things you’ve been conditioned to think are necessary are not necessary or are even holding you back! 

Where Do I Start?

Adopting the “Less is MORE” mindset will not only improve your health & performance but, by internalizing this concept, you gain the visceral confidence that you are self-sufficient and can perform & execute in any given situation. This is the CORE message to embed in your brain to SUCCEED & CONQUER! 

So, where do you start? Here are my personal thoughts to YOU:

  1. Stop and think. Just as ‘nobody does your pushups for you’ in the gym, don’t allow yourself to be conveniently lulled into ‘thinking by proxy’. Read, listen, then step back from the ‘hook’ or ‘call to action’ and think for yourself. If you are new to fat-adaptation and the answers come too easily, stop and rethink things because you should always have more questions than answers.
  2. Watch or read my 3 guiding principles vlog. After doing so, think about this for yourself and not simply because I said it. If it makes sense, adopt it as your own.
  3. Have Faith and, whatever your Faith may be, make sure part of that is Faith in yourself. We don’t know it all nor should we try to because this leads to a loss of Faith and into belief systems which are static by nature and prevent us from moving forward in our journey. Faith is the ‘security blanket’ we all need to move us forward.

Our experience in guiding athletes to optimize their fat metabolism gives you the opportunity to fast track rather than ‘hack’ or ‘shortcut’ your way to your health and performance potential. We’ve not only pioneered and continue to innovate but have helped thousands of people along in their journey, some of whom you see on our Hero Page.

Our mission is to be your Guide (NOT your Guru) to help YOU achieve your health & performance summit!