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Article - The Journey to True Metabolic Health

The Journey to True Metabolic Health

Anything great starts with a strong foundation. Problem is in today’s virtual and instant gratification filled world, we skip to the quick solution and end point rather than do the hard work of building a foundation. Add to this that, generally, foundations are not seen. Foundations are not the bling nor the sizzle but the […]

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Beating The Bonk With VESPA - Podcast with Jeff Browning & Peter Mortimer

Beating The Bonk With VESPA – Podcast with Jeff Browning & Peter Mortimer

In this roundtable podcast with Ultra champions Jeff Browning and Peter Mortimer we discuss how they use VESPA in their training and racing. In it you will learn:What VESPA isHow using VESPA increases fat metabolismHow increasing fat metabolism dramatically reduces the reliance on external caloriesHow VESPA dramatically reduces the risk of the Gastrointestinal (GI) challenges […]

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[Article] How are you fueling your children?

How are you fueling your children?

If you’ve got kids you are probably familiar with the rotation of drinks and snacks between parents for game day. And what are those snacks and drinks composed of? Doesn’t matter if it is chips, cookies, cheez-its, granola bars, sports drinks or juice boxes, these all add up to nothing but sugar. This is the […]

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Finding Your Performance Edge

Looking for that performance edge? . . . of course you are!Who doesn’t want to be fitter, faster, stronger?  . . . and not matter which way you look there is some kind of device, app, supplement or superfood offering itself up as THE solution….often backed by “science”!So, how do you sort through all the […]

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My Western States Golden Hour Race Fueling Strategy

For the past three or four years I’ve gone out to pace runners who are sitting on the bubble to make the 30 Hour Cutoff at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run (WS). This is called the “Golden Hour” of the race and, if you haven’t seen these finishes, they truly are the most […]

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