This quote, credited to Football Coach Steve Szabo, could not be more apropos with this weekend’s Superbowl on the horizon. While their journeys could not have been more different, the 49ers and Chiefs didn’t make it to the Superbowl by accident. . . and neither should your journey this season be any different.

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It’s the off season but you probably have already thought about what you want this year. What races will you run and what do you want to achieve from 2020?

However, in order to do this, CHANGE is necessary . . . . and change is hard, very hard..  Whether you need to make changes in your training, diet, or another aspect of your life you want to implement change prior to ramping up your season then tweak and refine those changes during the training and racing season just like the NFC & AFC Champions have done to get them to the Superbowl.

Why is Off Season the Best time to make changes?

Because change is hard. You may encounter setbacks while adjusting to the change.  Your mindset may need time to fully embrace the changes while your body is making the physiological shifts.

Why try Fat Adaptation in the off season?

Fat adaptation may be a large change if you are used to getting your energy from carbs, however, the long term benefits to your health and performance are worth investigating.

Of course any dietary methodology can quote testimonials from champions, however, YOU owe it to yourself to see how your body responds to making the shift back to ‘fat as fuel’, the way Nature intended.

For over 20 years OFM and/or VESPA have helped thousands of athletes make this fundamental shift back to the aerobic energy source Nature intended, from Olympic Gold Medalists to World Champions to normal everyday people who are performing at extraordinary levels in every aspect of their lives.

What is the best way to start?

The best way to start, regardless of your current sports nutrition philosophy, is to grab a box of Vespa.  Vespa will help you experience the benefits of fat adaptation without any additional change.

Because Vespa works with your body’s natural physiology these benefits are subtle but significant. You won’t get the rush but you won’t get the crash either. Here is what you will experience;

  • Steady energy by tapping into your virtually limitless energy supply, YOUR own body fat!
  • The ability to farther and harder on a  LOT less calories from gels, drinks, shot blocks etc… fact, these exogenous calories will now have a bigger more sustainable impact using less!
  • Clear mental focus. In fact, many Vespa users use it in their professional lives for important meetings, projects, depositions/trials, and long surgeries and not just their training and racing!
  • Unbelievable recovery which, in fact, is due to the prevention of damage from oxidative stress. We are reframing the discussion around ‘recovery’ by focusing on minimizing the damage rather than addressing it post exercise…..this is part of the paradigm-shift Vespa and OFM represent. The recovery benefits alone make Vespa the a priceless value if you value your overall health.

Your next steps….

You can leverage Vespa through optimizing your fat metabolism (OFM). This is a program I developed for athletic performance, however, the implications for overall health and longevity are just as important if not more so based upon what Vespa athletes are saying and doing!  There are a number of ways to do this:

1. Check out our 1-2-1 coaching programmes
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