In this podcast clip with Bryce Thatcher from Ultra Spire we talk about the essence of innovation and how this applies to your health and performance.  The podcast emphasized the need for a "renaissance" environment that nurtures new ideas and allows the human condition to flourish rather than a dogmatic approach.

You can see the full podcast here.

Here are some of the things we discuss:

The Role of Health and Performance in Sports

A critical point discussed was the approach to health in sports. The focus has traditionally been on studying the sick, but there's a nascent movement people like Bryce is pushing which sees studying optimal health as equally vital. By studying athletes who maintain peak performance and health, like Jeff Browning, a 52-year-old ultra-marathoner, we can redefine our standards for health. These athletes, who continue to excel without breakdown, offer valuable insights into sustainable health practices.

Sustainable Training and Nutrition for Longevity

The podcast touched upon the importance of balanced training and nutrition. It mentioned athletes like Carl Melzer and Jeff Browning, who have achieved longevity in their sports through moderate training routines and efficient nutrition strategies. The emphasis was on learning to be fat-adaptive and efficient, which not only enhances performance but also contributes to injury prevention, robust health and longevity.

Challenging the Status Quo and Embracing Curiosity

We also ventured into the idea that many experts in the field resist change to maintain their authority. However, the podcast advocated for curiosity and the willingness to try new things, emphasizing the importance of personal sovereignty in both thought and body. Sports like ultra-running, exemplified by events like the Moab 240, are seen as platforms that vividly showcase this raw, unfiltered struggle and triumph of the Human Mind and Body.


Bryce epitomizes what it means to embrace challenges, innovate and challenge the conventional health and performance standards. His example should inspire you to lead your own personal health and performance revolution. . . and, when you are ready, we will be here to guide you with the products, programs, content and, if needed, one on one consulting so you can achieve your potential of “Higher Health & Peak Performance”.

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