Experience Metabolic Freedom with Vespa, the 6th Paradigm Shift of OFM

In my last vlog I revisited the 5 paradigm shifts within OFM to help you understand the enormity of the paradigm shift OFM represents. However, I intentionally left VESPA out because it is a paradigm shifting product which helps DRIVE those 5 paradigm shifts. And for those of you new to and considering fat adaptation, VESPA is an easy first step to get a taste of and experience the lifelong benefits of fat adaptation before taking the plunge into optimizing your fat metabolism.

To begin, VESPA represents a RADICAL paradigm shift away from the conventional fueling/nutrition paradigm. From a decades old paradigm of focusing on how to ‘fuel’ by trying to increase caloric intake during training and competition to one where the athlete focuses on tapping into the virtually limitless energy he/she has onboard; FAT!

This has shown to boost performance, health and immune system function while all but eliminating the dreaded bonk, GI issues and the cellular damage from oxidative stress from burning glucose. 

The product paradigm shift of VESPA is that it is a natural Catalyst that works with your physiology to tap into YOUR limitless energy, instead of the dead-end method of trying to consume ever greater amounts of calories from highly processed gels, bars, shot blocks, fat bombs, energy drinks etc. 

VESPA also has a tremendous paradigm shift in terms of science. Our approach and application harnesses the ‘Science of Nature’ instead of the Man-made lab! Consider this then consider the millions of years of Evolution that went into developing the ingredients in VESPA versus only decades for the products populating the conventional paradigm that is today’s Sports Nutrition. 

Now, let’s look at how VESPA contributes to the 5 paradigm shifts of OFM I talked about in my last vlog. 

Paradigm-shift #1: Fat is your fuel. 

VESPA is a natural catalyst which enhances fat metabolism. Unpublished data suggest VESPA increases peak fat oxidation rates anywhere from 0.5 grams/minute to up to 1.0 grams/minute!

Paradigm-shift #2: Your own body is THE major source of energy. 

As a catalyst rather than calories using VESPA increases metabolism of your own body fat, the energy source Nature intended you to burn for most of your aerobic energy. When you understand this paradigm-shift you will understand the value of VESPA.

Paradigm-shift #3: Damage-prevention over Recovery: 

By significantly increasing fat oxidation VESPA reduces glucose metabolism thus oxidative stress and lactate load which PREVENTS the cellular damage done by burning a lot of sugar. This is a HUGE paradigm-shift in your overall health and longevity let alone you are able to bounce back from training and competition. 

Paradigm-shift #4: Fat Adaptation, done properly, actually increases Carbohydrate Tolerance & Utilization 

VESPA locks you into a state of performance level fat metabolism for sustainable performance allowing any carbohydrates you store or ingest to act like rocket fuel but in a much more sustainable way. You get a bigger bang from carbs using less and this allows the athlete to maintain hormonal balance and insulin sensitivity to tolerate significant levels of carbs during big blocks of training and for competition. 

Paradigm-shift #5: Chronic Stress is as big an issue as concentrated forms of Carbohydrates: 

One aspect of using VESPA that our Heros notice is the retention of mental focus, motor skills and overall cognitive function. Many athletes use VESPA in their professional lives when it counts: important meetings, presentations, depositions or trials, long duration surgeries and even crop dusting at night! This stability, by default means there is no drama along with the stress that goes with drama. 

Every paradigm shift was initially met with skepticism, ridicule and dismissal by the ‘Experts’ who desperately needed to uphold the conventional paradigm. I know because since the turn of this century when I started my fat adapted journey and pioneered fat adaptation for health and performance I was one of those lone voices being met with skepticism, ridiculed and dismissed. But I knew fat adaptation had merit based upon my experience and a lot of reading on physiology, metabolism and evolutionary biology. More so, those few brave souls like Jon Olsen, Jenny Capel, Zach Bitter, Mike Morton and countless others were also experiencing these same paradigm-shifting results by winning and setting records at the highest level of competition. 

VESPA allows you to take that first step effortlessly without a radical change in lifestyle or diet and set you on your fat adapted journey. Similarly, if you are coming from a Keto, Low Carb or Paleo camp, VESPA leverages your fat adaptation to give you the metabolic tolerance to include carbohydrates to achieve that performance edge.

Click here to try Vespa today and take your first step to Metabolic Freedom