This article is following on from the previous blog on trusting your own experience. “Science begins with observation” and YOUR observation and experience, because, no matter what the ‘experts’ and published studies say, you are an individual scientist for your own N=1 journey to higher health & peak performance. The so-called “Science” should corroborate YOUR observations and experience instead of driving them.

The Complexity of Your Biology

The problem is, the convenience of media driven “soundbite science” combined with simple numerical metrics, do not begin to describe the vast complexity, variability and dynamics of biological systems. 

As a biologist, I know how much I don’t know. As a human though, I want convenience because it makes me think I know something.  Once we think we “know” something we become skeptical and dismissive of anything that counters what we know.  This is nothing more than a primitive biological survival mechanism manifesting itself in a uniquely human way…and so it goes with Vespa and it’s “Fat is your Fuel” approach. 

Challenging the "experts"

Like most breakthrough science, Vespa is an accidental discovery of Nature which counters the experts and published studies which wrap their scientific dogma into that buzzword of ‘Science”. Much like modern “Healthcare”,  the modern science for fueling states there is a “need” for calories to fuel physical activity.   This convenient soundbite science (and simple metrics) addresses an immediate need.  

I am framing this because if you are new to Vespa, you are probably really skeptical as it counters what you “know”.  People like Vespa user Nick Coury, who recently set a US record for running 173 miles in 24 hours, and doesn’t race or train with out Vespa, originally thought Vespa was “Snake Oil”, “Bogus” and a “Gimmick” before having to try Vespa as a last resort during a race where his conventional fueling went sideways.

Check out Nick's story in the video above.

VESPA has built a loyal, almost fanatical following based upon each individual’s observation and experience in the real world. Like Nick, these are breakthrough moments for each individual.

Have Your Performance Breakthrough

Breakthroughs in science often “come from the fringe” and are often ridiculed as “Snake Oil” our case it’s technically “Wasp Saliva”. Why wait to have your breakthrough moment?  Grab a 12 pack of Vespa today, and, like Nick, experience the metabolic freedom of fueling with your own limitless energy is all about!

If you are new to VESPA we have a “firsttime” , one-time trial offer of 4 pouches of VESPA CV-25 for only $20 (includes FREE S&H).  Just use the voucher firsttime at the checkout.
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