As these two years of ‘interesting times’ come to a close, it is fair to say most of us have a heightened desire for positive change . . . yet, how many times do we make that New Year’s Resolution and fall short?  

Incremental Change Versus Fundamental Change

The crux of the matter is not straightforward because while change, by definition, means doing things differently, fundamental change requires doing things radically different. The challenge here is this: incremental change is relatively easy, and we do it thinking we are changing, whereas fundamental change requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. 

Incremental change allows us to cling to what we fundamentally know (or believe we know) is the right course of action, making small course corrections to stay in the same direction. 

Fundamental change on the other hand requires us to think and act differently. It does not necessarily change the goal or end point, but it does mean what is prioritized changes.

What holds us back from permanent change?

Fear of the unknown requires us to step outside our comfort zone into the unknown which is pretty daunting in these times. We have been conditioned to be risk averse and addicted to convenience of thought. This combination has placed humanity at greater risk, and made facing reality very inconvenient, thus perpetuating the very things we wish to change….pick any topic currently facing humanity: the Panicdemic, healthcare, the environment, poverty or education.

An Important Choice For You To Make

This is the eternal conundrum of choosing between the fear of the known and the fear of the unknown. The unfortunate reality we need to confront is this:

As humans, our default is almost always to choose the fear of the known, even though that known fear is part and parcel of the changes we want and need to make in our lives. 

Things are  not going to get better just because the calendar flips into another year. They are going to get better because of YOU! Not everything in life is under our control, but YOU have enough control to make a big difference in executing fundamental positive change in YOUR Life! . . . and doing so initiates the ripple effect on a macro level. It all starts with your thinking.

How We Can Help You Make Successful Changes

Now I don’t know what changes you would like to make… could be to lose 20 pounds, get your finances in order, make a career change, run a marathon or complete an Ironman. Whatever it is though, the one fundamental change that I do know will drive any positive change is improving your Metabolic Health

Whether you are an elite athlete, an age-grouper or someone just looking to stay off medications and enjoy life to the fullest, regaining your native foundational physiology will help drive your sustained success in every facet of life. 

So while fundamental change means doing things radically different this does not mean you need to make it difficult. I’ll leave you with the Buddhist saying; “When the student is ready the teacher appears” 

Let your individual transformation become collective change in 2022. 

And if you need help to get your Metabolic Health on the right track, feel free to download the resources on our home page or contact us.

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