A big part of what I do has to do with “myth busting” these conventional paradigms of our modern man-made world and today’s vlog is no different. While I’m going to talk about several natural compounds which have had enormous impact on human health & performance, it is as much to mythbust the conventional paradigm of developing man-made solutions that are driving the various narratives of today… and yes, you heard me say it without saying ‘it’ because I’ve said ‘it’ for more than a year and have been censored. 

So, whether ‘it’ is the current topical narrative, the narrative of tons of carbs for performance, or tons of fats and NO carbs for the health benefits of keto, the dueling narratives of veganism & carnivore, or the narrative of who’s lives matter, there is a narrative to fill the thought void. Which brings me to my point; Each of us needs to fill that void with our own thoughts, the analytical & critical thinking necessary to develop our potential, because we’ve been hijacked by the convenience of the modern marketing machine. 

But I digress…

My vlog subject today, Looking to Nature for Answers, profiles four discoveries of Nature: 

  1. Penicillin 

  2. Artemisinin

  3. Ivermectin

  4. Vespa. . . yes, VESPA!

Penicillin is derived from naturally occurring moulds, P. chrysogenum and P. rubens and was discovered when P. rubens accidentally killed a bacterial culture of Staph. This discovery has spawned the entire class of antibiotic drugs saving untold millions of lives from various infectious diseases. 

Most of you probably have never heard of Artemisinin, a plant extract drug used to treat Malaria. Today Artemisinin is at the core of the standard of care for Malaria infections. Once again another natural compound which has saved millions of lives. 

The notorious Ivermectin (or perhaps not so notorious, but rather, life saving)... Today's debate aside, this drug is actually derived from a soil borne bacteria, Streptomyces avermitilis, and is one of the most widely used products used to treat parasitic infections in both animals and humans. In Africa, literally millions have been treated using Ivermectin to prevent river blindness and as a prophylactic to malaria. For those who have literally ‘seen’ the benefits, it has been life-changing. 

These discoveries of nature illustrate just how complete the “Cycle of Life” is, all without man-made interventions, but also how when man works WITH nature, the benefits are profound. 

And so it is with VESPA, a natural catalyst which facilitates a higher level of fat metabolism on a cellular level. Like the previous examples, VESPA is another natural discovery. In fact, because the ingredients in VESPA are so natural, it is classified as a food based beverage by the FDA. Nothing in VESPA requires a PhD in organic chemistry or food science to understand. Each pouch of VESPA contains: Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Wasp Extract and either orange juice, citric or ascorbic acid for pH.

In independent testing, this natural catalyst has shown to increase fat oxidation anywhere from half a gram per minute to one gram per minute during exercise! Yet, unlike the natural discoveries I’ve talked about above which are used to cure disease, VESPA actually helps you to perform and improve your metabolic potential!

But don’t take my word for it...

Take a look at our Heroes, people of all ages and abilities, spread across the globe, who are living and experiencing the benefits of fat adaptation using VESPA. 

So, whether you are an elite athlete competing for the win or someone getting off the couch to get metabolically fit and shed unneeded pounds, VESPA works with your body’s physiology and metabolism to get you back to harnessing your unlimited energy stores, the way nature intended, and give you the Metabolic Freedom YOU deserve!

Grab a 12 pack of VESPA today, and get started on your journey to Metabolic Freedom by tapping into your limitless energy!

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