We live in an interdependent world. In many ways this is a great thing, as it has enhanced our lives in so many ways. The very ability for someone like me, someone with limited resources and a radically different approach to health and performance, to reach a Global Audience is a perfect example. 

Balancing with convenience with sovereignty

On the other hand, this reliance on other people and entities, has led to a level of dependence I am not sure is healthy on a number of levels.  While technology and specialization have improved our lives in so many ways, the unintended consequence has been an ever-growing addiction to convenience of thought, or, more appropriately, a lack thereof. Like running into a convenience store for a soda, snack or coffee for that quick fix compared to the hunting, gathering, raising or growing of our own nourishing food there is a world of difference.

But where I am going here is this: no matter how good the information or advice, how succinctly it is delivered in soundbite science, how many double-blind placebo controlled peer-reviewed studies or how many followers, YOU are ceding your sovereignty when you get this addiction. Whether you surrender to the party line of your political/religious/ethnic/gender identity/sport/dietary/cultural tribal affiliation, a government policy on the latest crisis du’ jour, or buying that new car or SUV with the leather seats, sound system, GPS and Big Gulp size cup holders you are willingly surrendering your free will. And, on top of that, most people gladly PAY to do so!

Most of us can’t turn completely back to an ancestral or bucolic way of life so we have to find that balance in spite of the allure of the conveniences of modern life. We need to balance what we let go of to convenience and where we need to retain our sovereignty. 

Automation and convenience has led to lack of self trust

The modern world is exceedingly complex but the fundamentals are quite simple. Let’s use powered flight as an example. The same principles of flight apply whether you are flying a J3 or a 747. The latest models of jets use complex autopilot systems that essentially take control of the aircraft away from the crew, whereas in a J3 the pilot has to fly the airplane. You see what I am getting at? Today’s world is so complex we have abandoned the fundamentals and no longer trust ourselves and our experience to be in control. 

Take control over your health and performance

 It is no different with your health and performance. Biological systems, including your body, mind and spirit are exceedingly complex yet fundamentally simple, and all the studies, technology, and expert edicts are not about to solve cancer, diabetes, heart disease or even COVID…remember “15 days to flatten the curve” or Pfizer’s “Science will WIN” slogan as our government contemplates approving yet a 4th ‘booster?’

Getting back to the fundamentals of health will prevent all of these and more. The problem is this is inconvenient. It requires work. Mistakes, mis-steps and detours are part of the process. There is nothing convenient about facing the fact you are not fit, vulnerable or overweight, so we sweep it under the rug with the latest pill or procedure, especially when we are fooled into thinking our insurance is paying for it. The reality is you’re paying DEARLY!

Our addiction to consumption of soundbite science, published studies and hanging our health on the words of online Gurus without thought, curiosity or question is the mental equivalent of running into a 7 eleven for a hot dog, big gulp and bag of chips.

While  we are ceding our own thoughts and experience to these entities, we are also ceding control to much larger entities who have huge incentives to maintain and grow the Medical-Industrial Complex and maximize profit while doing so. This can only be done by preventing you from optimal health, the health potential we all have locked inside us. The corollary being each of us needs to be sick at some level. This is why Metabolic Health and building Metabolic Capacity is so important. This is the unseen foundation of health and it is formed on a physiology where fat metabolism is optimized. 

Like the athletes I work with, YOU have to trust yourself. They trust their own experience from using VESPA and becoming OFM fat adapted even though it has gone directly against all the ‘science’ and expert opinions. . . but, in the end, this yielded both the health and performance results their experience told them were attainable. This even led to the ground-breaking FASTER Study . . . you can read their experiences here.

We need science and data

Sure it is great to have science, data and technology to corroborate our experience and we are developing this as I speak, but the biggest part of the equation is your own experience and mental participation. The data, science and technology should build the confidence of YOUR experience and results instead of drive it! 

Trust the experience and, in doing so you will be in control of your health and performance for that one endurance event everyone is entered in whether they know it or not, Life.

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