Expanding Your Physical Limits With Vespa

If you saw the vlog featuring Nick Coury a few weeks ago you got to hear his journey to adopting OFM beginning with Vespa. Like most people Nick was extremely skeptical of both Vespa and the “fat as fuel” approach.  However, after that fateful race when his conventional nutrition plan went sideways, not only did Vespa become a staple, but every step Nick took further down the rabbit hole of OFM his performance improved and the limits of a carb centric fueling strategy were broken.

In the video above, Nick talks about the power of Vespa and OFM because he is able to expand his limits in training because he does not have to taper due to the short recovery cycle. 

This is the power of tapping into your limitless potential because the more you can rely on fat for your aerobic metabolic needs the lower oxidative stress and lactate load. 

What this means is less cellular damage to recover from! By minimizing damage your body can focus more on super compensating from the adaptive stress of training heightening the “Training Effect” to become a stronger, fitter and faster version of yourself.  Stop limiting yourself by relying on the external energy by tapping into the limitless power you possess. Like Nick, get started breaking your limits with Vespa and experience how limitless you really are!

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