Athletes and Enthusiasts from all over the world use Vespa.  Here are their stories.

This Weeks Vespa Hero - Bob Halpenny

Bob is now 73....he was 72 when I shot this.

Want to slow the aging process down so you can be strong and vital as you age? Bob Halpenny's Vespa powered, OFM journey is a testament to building metabolic capacity on the inside so you can be fit, strong and vital on the outside at any age.

Bob originally thought he was on a healthy path by following the conventional wisdom, however, his introduction to OFM, Vespa and OFM Pioneer, Peter Defty, completely changed his health & performance trajectory to reverse the vagaries of aging to restore his endurance, strength and vitality in his 60's and 70's to that of a person decades younger.

Hear how Bob incorporates the multi-dimensional, holistic approach of OFM; diet, proper movement, strength, endurance into a lifestyle which facilitates youthful vigor no matter what one's age.

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Diane Cridennda - used Diane was one of the first to embrace Vespa & OFM.  Hear how Vespa & OFM consistently put Diane on the AG Podium in her 6 & 7th decade of Life!

Marc Sanderson, a 52-year-old ultrarunner. His shift towards metabolic health, adoption of Vespa, and successful battle against cancer reveal a remarkable journey of endurance, resilience, and rebirth

Stephen Losey shares his journey from fat kid to an obese, out of shape, adult to a Boston Qualifying marathoner who is getting faster as he goes . . . and without a restrictive diet!

If you are not familiar with Michele has a myriad of achievements in endurance running, including 2020 Moab240 winner.  In this full interview he talks all things Vespa and fueling with Peter Defty.

Gavin shares with us his unique & captivating life journey. In it he describes how Vespa & OFM have transformed his health & performance, and allows him to compete with athletes half his age. 

Marci Zavala, a 46 years young wife and mother of two teenage boys, and currently a 4 time World Champion in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Take note in Marci's 'glow' and youthful exuberance!

Bart is running Ultra's at 75 and defying the aging process . . . he recently completed a 50 miler in under 12 hours, a goal which eluded him until Vespa.

Carlos is a 63 years young Neurologist who hails from Portugal. A former cyclist turned Ultrarunner we catch Carlos for an interview after his Pilates class only a day after running a 100K on trails . . . talk about recovery!

John Olsen is an amazing athlete, check out his achievements below. In this impromptu video John discusses how he could not have done this without the help of Vespa and OFM.


Listen to Gael talk about his accidental journey to Fat Adaptation after experiencing the health benefits of using Vespa.

See how Sarah beat adrenal dysfunction to recover and resume competing with the help of OFM & Vespa

Chris Nolta - Crop Duster - uses Vespa to help him perform his intense job at a high level

Jessica Rohlman - used Vespa as fuel to deal with Gluten intolerance - now kicking PB's and is in the best shape.

Diane Cridenda literally turned back the clock to keep performing at 66 years old.

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OFM and #VespaAthlete Josee rocked it at Spartan World Championships in Tahoe, placing 7th in her age group! Way to go, Josee!

"I just want to take a minute to thank you for all you did for me over the summer. I did well in West Virginia knocking 45 minutes off my time from last year and qualified for Lake Tahoe. As you know, the conditions made it difficult. I finished 7th in my age group and many did not finish. I am very pleased with my progress! I feel that being fat adapted played a huge role in helping me push through the cold, though terrain and more difficult obstacles. I did not have to stop often to fuel up and I had plenty of energy to tackle the climbs. I am going to keep it up and keep working hard. My goal next year is top 3 in Tahoe!! Thank you so much!"

James Hughes
From metabolic syndrome to breaking his PB after 16 years.

"2 years ago I was in full metabolic syndrome. At the urging of Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, I started down the path of fat adaptation, the only treatment shown to reverse metabolic syndrome...24 months later...after completing two 70.3’s as fat adapted, I’m never going back to a standard diet. It was my performance in the two half Ironman’s, including breaking a 16 year PR, that convinced me to move up to a full. ‪ What has worked well in racing and training is a packet of Vespa conc. and a serving of Ucan every 2 hours. Thanks for and incredible product that has taken me from a middle of the packer to a contender."

[FINLAND] Through the combination of Vespa and following an OFM lifestyle, Petri now completes his training and racing without bonking, GI issues and weeks of recovery.

[ESTONIA] Aet Kiisla, a University Professor and Ultra-runner who discusses her journey from Carb loading to Low Carb, and then Fat adaptation to VESPA +Fat Adaptation.

See how Mike Willard nearly had to give up running because of gout and arthritis but with the help of OFM, Peter Defty and Vespa was able to run the Rocky Raccoon 100.

See Jeff's story from Carb Loading to Diabetes to Keto to Fat Adaptation, how he feels 20 years younger and his performance had improved.

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Nick Coury - 50k Marathon winner thought Vespa was a gimmick until he tried it.

I was skeptical about Vespa at first. I had seen it in magazines for years, and thought something so expensive and without calories must be snake oil. A friend happened to give me two packets to try on a 50 miler with 20 degree cooler temps than expected, 30-40 mile an hour winds, and freezing rain from mile 20 to the finish. My fingers stopped working just after I took the first Vespa, and I couldn't open gels or pick up food. I had aid station volunteers feed me the other Vespa at 35. I never bonked, and never waned on energy despite 30 miles with almost no calories. There's no way that should have been possible, and I've used Vespa in ultras ever since.

On a good day, I burn more fat and don't need to eat so much, saving my stomach. On a bad day it lets me ride out nausea and avoid major bonks long enough to get over rough spots. It's become my insurance policy against a bad race, and I couldn't imagine going without it anymore.

Gladys - improved her performance and got rid of her gut issues with Vespa

"I wanted to thank Peter A. Defty and Vespa for saving my race!!

Great customer service making sure I got my order in time before traveling to my race in Chamonix. I usually use the Vespa Jr every 90 to 120 minutes and some simple carbs in between.

The hills were so long, that was the first time I had to add a gel half way through it, and even though I had tested it during training, I don’t train over 8hrs and as soon as I had half of that gel at that time, I started feeling nauseous, so immediately put it away, let my stomach settle for 10 min and the only thing I felt like having then was Vespa Jr, it set me well, and was able to finish that climb strong and never felt nauseous again, finishing 30 min under my goal time. Thanks again for an amazing product!"

See how Janet Pucci keeps running Ultra's with the help of Vespa at the ripe age of 71.

See how Peter Mortimer strings back to back Ultra's with the help of Vespa and OFM

Gina Pape runs her 1st 50mile Ultra at the age of 62 with the help of Vespa and OFM

Kuni Yamagata - 67 year old runs Ultras sub 24 with the help of Vespa and OFM