‘Paradigm-shift’ is a term used a lot today to launch ‘new’ products, especially when it somes to athletic performance and sports nutrition. It’s catchy and gets our attention. Coupled with flashy packaging, website and marketing, the term ‘Paradigm-shift’ sells!

The ‘WOO’ factor is huge! From the coffee choices you make to the ‘collagen’ you put in that coffee (collagen=gelatin, but the word collagen sounds much sexier!),  to the gels you might use or, if keto, your choice of MCT Oil (almost all derived from coconut or palm oil) these products suggest a ‘Paradigm-shift’ in their product compared to the others, however, the truth is high grade coffee is high grade coffee, collagen is gelatin, and MCT oils are MCT oils (MCT=Medium Chain Triglyceride). There is no shortage of examples in the supplement world of slick marketing using the term ‘Paradigm-shift.’

Therein lies the problem. The term has been co-opted by marketers who have diluted the term to a buzz-word to the point the consumer has no idea what a true ‘Paradigm-shift’ really is. As a result consumers are ‘Sold & Told’ into gladly paying a lot more money for something which has better packaging and minor improvement in ingredients and/or product quality.

On the other hand, true ‘Paradigm-shifts’ take a long time before being recognized as a “Paradigm-shift.’ Most often, they are dismissed and ridiculed by ‘experts’ and consumers alike when first proposed by those curious souls who dare to truly think beyond the ‘known.’ Remember, people once believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth

In spite of the ridicule and lack of support, these innovators patiently invest resources to develop their ideas for years, sometimes decades, before their innovation is recognized as a ‘Paradigm-shift.’ Bear in mind, people once believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth.  

A ‘Paradigm-shift’ actually occurs as the result of another critically important ‘Paradigm-shift;’ the “Paradigm-shift in YOUR thinking . . . when you realize what was once foreign makes so much sense you make changes in thinking and actions to adopt that shift!

VESPA knows all about creating a ‘Paradigm-shift.’ We’ve been pioneering performance fat adaptation for over 20 years using the science of Nature not the lab. Long before the rise of ‘Keto’ VESPA approached sports performance from a fat-utilization perspective. Likewise, VESPA’s OFM Program was developed over a decade ago to achieve ‘REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS’ in the real world of competition rather than the conventional paradigm of controlled lab studies. We understand fat adaptation for health and performance like nobody else because athlete’s we’ve worked with demonstrated it on the field of competition.

So, if YOU are ready for YOUR personal ‘Paradigm-shift’ consider VESPA and the OFM Program as the Paradigm-shift to achieving your health & performance potential.
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