Tim’s story of overcoming obstacles and making life-changing decisions for better health offers an empowering template to empower yourself to attain “Higher Health & Peak Performance” at any age.

In this podcast clip,, Tim McConnell shares his health recovery journey from facing severe chronic health challenges, to taking control of his health and totally transforming his weight, health and fitness.  Tim started his path to wellness with exercise and a standard American Diet. Naturally, the weight he lost came right back in spite of the exercise. This led Tim to the ketogenic diet. The weight started coming off and stayed off but there was a problem . . . Tim would find himself completely drained and famished from a 40 mile ride because he lacked strength and endurance on Keto.  

By coincidence, Tim caught a Vespa ad on his Facebook feed leading him to try Vespa and go down the rabbit hole of OFM.  The result of adopting Vespa and OFM was and continues to be transformational. Tim has lost the excess weight and keeps it off while maintaining the strength and endurance to ride 100 miles and then do chores before he sits down to a meal. 

Introduction to Tim McConnell's Health Journey

  • Tim's health scare: Hospitalized twice due to abscesses caused by a SAD diet of processed foods.

  • Ignored early warning signs: Eczema and other symptoms linked to diet and lifestyle.

Taking Control of Health

  • The decision for change: Post-hospital, Tim decides to overhaul his health with exercise.

  • Diet experimentation: Trials with Atkins, Nutrisystems, and others around 2017, before ending up on keto..

  • Like most of us Tim had a steep learning curve but through research, trial and error Tim empowered himself to make choices which improved his health..

Discovery of the Ketogenic Diet

  • Committing to Keto: A full dietary shift and overcoming household dietary challenges.

  • Significant improvements: Weight loss and health benefits noticed on Keto.

  • The limitations of Keto - Tim had strength and endurance issues and felt like he was missing a top gear so he continued his journey of seeking answers to the challenges he faced in his health journey. 

Discovering the magic of Optimizing Fat Metabolism

  • Learned that macros were not important

  • Discovered OFM is superior to Ketogenic fueling.

Enhancing Performance with Vespa

  • The quest for energy: Initial trials with energy gels and their downsides.

  • Finding Vespa: A turning point in Tim's physical performance without negative effects.

  • The impact of Vespa: Improved endurance, energy, and overall physical capability.

Tim's Message to Listeners

  • Proactive health management: The importance of addressing health before it's too late.

  • Everyone and anyone can transform their health if they commit to the journey.

  • Encouragement and advice: Tim urges listeners to seek information and make health a priority.

  • Tim is a living example of how “Higher Health & Peak Performance” is achievable.

Tim McConnell's story is a powerful reminder of the importance of metabolic health.  When you return your body to its natural physiology, you can reverse most chronic health issues while improving your performance and energy.   

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Get Your Metabolic Health Back To It's Natural State

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