While VESPA users notice the faster ‘recovery,’ the real reason you recover faster using VESPA is because VESPA shifts your fat metabolism to a high level thus preventing the damage of oxidative stress and lactate load created from burning a lot of glucose.

Damage is what happens when you use sugar and carbohydrates as your main energy source, however, when Fat is the fuel source, you not only feel better but you won’t need to recover BECAUSE you are not creating the damage that requires repair.

With VESPA you need a few days instead of a few weeks to recover from an endurance event. You not only recover faster by preventing damage but you get stronger, fitter and faster.

VESPA Athlete, Jean Pommier, a Jet-Setting IBM VP, has a VERY hectic schedule literally flying in from work to race then out again to meet clients. This past Monday ran a 3:03 Boston Marathon but only after running approximately 50 miles while competing at the Mad City 100K on Saturday! Yes!, that was 2 days prior to running a 3:03 Boston Marathon! In Jean’s own words:

“ Running Boston on only 3 GUs shows the power of the combination of OFM and Vespa, your body fat bringing the rest of the energy. Not to mention the recovery benefits allowing you to race and train more.”

Damage Prevention versus Recovering from the damage…. Now you understand the paradigm-shifting VALUE of VESPA!

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