Confused and frustrated with dietary advice to fuel your athletic pursuits? . . . the ‘information age’ is drowning us with binary thinking. The conventional High-Carb camp states you need massive amounts of carbohydrates to perform well, while, on the other end of the spectrum, the Keto camp espouses the health and performance benefits of the Ketogenic Diet.

So what is the best diet for performance and health?

Actually, there is no one diet and, as importantly, while diet plays a big role in reaching your performance and health potential it is NOT the only factor. So where do you start?

First thing you need to realize is that you are an Individual AND your diet is dynamic.  Optimal dietary needs constantly change depending upon a variety of factors such as your training load, type of sport, and your metabolic status at the time.

So, if you are an athlete that understands consuming a lot of carbs is the same as consuming a lot of sugar, or have started to see GI or metabolic issues develop, but think KETO is far too radical, read on...

The first thing to understand is that Nutritional Ketosis (NK) is real. There is solid scientific and medical research to back this.  However, it is not the be all and end all the current Keto Diet trend claims it to be. It is one tool of many. 

But here is the kicker; almost the entire body of science on the Ketogenic Diet is based upon relatively sedentary and/or metabolically compromised subjects (T2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Obesity, Grand Mal Seizures, Angelman’s Syndrome). . . so, does the science really apply to you, the athlete?

The ability to be in ‘Ketosis’ is a physiological state which can be achieved through dietary manipulation. ‘Keto’ is NOT a diet like everyone thinks, however, it is a great foundation for achieving your health and performance potential.  It is like building a house; a solid foundation is critically important yet unseen.  

Using Keto to build Carbohydrate tolerance

Once you establish a fat adapted foundation so your body uses fat as the main aerobic energy source reintroducing carbohydrates (timed correctly) yields the upside performance benefits of carbs without the downside health impacts.  

This is the beauty of going Beyond Keto. All of our OFM athletes tell us OFM is the most sustainable way to approach diet because you don’t get “hangry”, have uncontrollable carb cravings and you automatically portion control.  At the same time you are not bound by the restrictive macros, calorie counts and the obsessive ketone measuring of a Low Carb/Ketogenic Diet. In other words, you can go to a party, enjoy a piece of cake or have the occasional beer or pizza without fearing failure or ruining your fat adaptation. 

Start by getting informed by downloading ‘BEYOND KETO’ an ebook I wrote to cut through the ‘noise’ of the ketosphere and show YOU how your body fat can actually provide most of the aerobic energy you need to consistently perform at the highest levels!

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